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This IS retirement
Mainland Mexico
Gabriellas grandpa
05/23/2008, San Carlos Bay.

I left Santa Rosalia about noon so I could try and sail the entire distance to San Carlos. I did sail a lot, but when I got down to 2 knots I fired up my trusty engine....the one with very clean oil in it. I arrived at daylight and anchored in the bay among 50 or so other boats that were mostly on mooring balls. I discovered a nice little coffee/pastry shop in the marina that had free wifi and very good ice cream(maple-nut). Took the bus into Guaymas tp check out where I might haul out for the summer. I went to the new Singlar marina and haulout facility to get quotes for storage and then took the bus around the bay to Marina-Seca Guaymas to check them out. It was not that tough of a decision. M-S Guaymas was a dirt yard next door to a shrimp boat yard that had dust clouds of metal sandings floating around and the water and electric hookups were suspect. So, for $400 difference in the whole summer season storage I choose Singular. It is a state of the art facility within walking distance of downtown and restaurants and the amenities are quite nice. For piece of mind and security of the boat while gone swimming with my Princess for the summer, it's worth it. I will sail over to Guaymas bay this thursday to anchor out and prep the boat for haulout on Friday. I think Im getting a little too anxious about reuniting with Gabriella.....oh yeah, and her parents.

05/23/2008 | Gabriella's Mommy
It really warms my heart that you are so excited about reuniting with us -- oops, I mean with Gabriella. This might be a dumb question, but where will you stay once you haul out? Can you still stay on the boat? Grandma "New Knee" Pat and I were just sitting around musing about that. It will be great to see you again!
05/24/2008 | Susan
How do the modern yards haul tris these days? We couldn't find Marina Seca Guaymas on Google Earth but it looks like another marina is in the works over by San Carlos. Must be a lot of gringo boats in the area.
05/24/2008 | Pastor John
I am pretty sure I saw Gabriella's Parents
changing the locks on the doors after the
above remarks. Anyway, hurry back, your van
uoon the blocks draws attention away from the fact that the yard hasn't been mowed since you left. Actually, we all are looking forward to summer with you.
Gabriellas grandpa
05/18/2008, Santa Rosalia

Left Bahia Concepcion and started to sail immediately because water has invaded my engine oil. So now I have to sail my SAILBOAT no matter what. I will only fire up the engine when setting anchor or entering a marina. The first day I made it to Punta Chivato and dropped the hook at the base of a luxurios hotel. Dinners there are $47 per person and the entree is whatever they are cooking that particular day. I heard all this from a fellow cruiser who took his wife to dinner there. The next morning I took off for Santa Rosalia and had a nice sail, even though I had to tack a few times and the wind died about a mile from the marina, so I fired up my milkshake machine and motored in. The next day at my Singlar marina slip I changed my oil and filter 4 times and pickled my oil cooler so no more water will seep into my engine oil. SUCCESS! Santa Rosalia is not a real touristy type town although there are a few gringo tourists who stop by to check out the museum(copper mining) and the town. The French started the copper mining in the early 1900's. The copper mining and refining has been closed for years and they just started the operation again because it will be profitable because of the prices for copper now. There is also an island that sits a couple of miles off and they mine gypsum there. As I sailed past, you could see large clouds of white dust as they were digging it up. This stuff is shipped worldwide and that is where our wallboard comes from. As I start to check out the town I went to a place I stopped and ate at about eight years ago while driving down to La Paz. It was just OK and a little pricey. Then the next day I decided to stop at a place I have bypassed before because it was just a little too cutesy and I thought was too expensive. Boy, was I ever wrong. I ordered Mexicana fish filet which is red sauce style. When they placed the dip and corn chips there was a choice of 2 dips just like Miguels in San Diego. So I got brave and tried the cottage cheese looking stuff because I've had every variation of the regular salsa. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I quickly consumed the whole bowl. I asked the waiter what it was and he informed me it was smoked squid. This is the squid capitol of Mexico. They catch giant(up to 30 feet) Humboldt squid right out front of Santa Rosalia. My main dish was delicious. I went back the next night and had barbecued chicken half with mashed potatos and cole slaw and french bread fried in butter like you do garlic bread. DELICIOUS. The next night I tried the Swiss style enchiladas and needless to say they were delicious. Each night I'm consuming this squid dip also. My friends Chuck and Elaine on Boomerang showed up in Santa Rosalia and guess where I took them to dinner.....yep, my little gem, Terco's Pollitito. They also enjoyed themselves there and I discovered a new dish that night. Of course all this delicious food would not be complete without a stop down the street for an after dinner ice cream for 5 pesos. With my engine fixed and my belly full, I think it's time to head across the Sea of Cortes for San Carlos/Guaymas area.

05/18/2008 | Susan
Wow, the food sounds great! I had no idea that there were squid in the Sea. Being anchored off that incredible restaurant is even better than being near the croissant guy:)
05/21/2008 | David & Heather
Hi Phil, Thanks for the radio call. We wish we were still in the Sea. It's cold on the California coast. We're at Avalon waiting for some bad weather to pass before heading for Monterey. We look forward to sailing back to Mexico next fall and seeing our friends. Heather say's she has pics in June's SAIL Magazine...we haven't seen it...All the Best
05/21/2008 | Ben
Hiya guys. If it is the same Heather and picture of her racing in the Banderas Bay Regatta then she does indeed have a shot in the June Sail Mag. Its on page 53 for anyone who is interested.
El Burro Cove
Gabriellas grandpa
05/15/2008, Bahia Concepcion

This is another iinviting cove in the Coyote area of Bahia Concepcion. The guy(Geary) who does the weather on the Sonrisa net lives in a palapa on the beach and he provides free internet to us cruisers that he gets through his sattelite dish. There is Berthas restaurant in the corner of the cove, so I don't have to cook too often. I get my water from the restaurant for 15 pesos for a 5 gallon jug. All the water in this area(Mulege)comes from a spring and they say it is all drinkable. I have not gotten sick from water or food since I started my adventure in Mexico. There was this nice 50 Nordhavn powerboat in the anchorage named Sally G and it had Lincoln, Ca. for it's hailing port on the back. For my sisters sake I had to go over and have a chat with them. Well, they live in the same development that my sister lives in. There are 5 coves in the Coyote area and each one has its own special characterisitcs. The water is getting up to 81 degrees in the bay and it makes it easy to dive in and clean the bottom of the boat......these boat chores are a pain...such is life in the arid Baja. Nope I won't trade.........

05/15/2008 | Gabriella's Mommy
What a coinkydink -- our pool was about 82 degress last night when we took a family swim after dinner. And we'll make sure you feel right at home by letting you clean the bottom (and sides!) of it when you get back! Sounds like you're drumming up lots of work for the summer. Hope you're able to set aside a few days to hang out with your Little Princess. She's counting down to your arrival (or what she thinks is your arrival) on her Princess calendar.... It won't be long now!
05/16/2008 | Susan
Where is Lincoln, CA? How many people do you think will summer up in the Sea?

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