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This IS retirement
What Hurricane?????
Gabriellas grandpa
10/14/2008, Guaymas

Hopefully, this is the beginning of another season of cruising the Sea of Cortez and the Mexican Riviera. I left Sacramento on the 9th of Oct. and drove my van full of gear(toys) along eith another couple from the small town of Lotus. When I picked up Kathy and Steve of the boat Psyche, they thought there would'nt be room for their gear, but we piled it high and stuffed it all in. We went up the hill to 395 and had a beautiful ride to So Cal and across to Lake Havasu City to spend the night with Chuck and Elaine of the F-31 Boomerang. They were my cruising buddies last year. Elaine had delicious Manhattan clam chowder and skillet corn bread waiting for us. Then they served us breakfast the next morning and we were on our way to Nogales for the night. Up the next morning for the border crossing which has been the source of a lot of anxiety. All that worry for nothing as the customs just looked inside for a second and told us to hit the road.....Praise the Lord. Our next hurdle was driving into hurricane Norbert. There was some thunderstorms on the way down, but nothing to worry about. We were fortunate, the hurricane drifted to the south of us and it was'nt bad at all. After dropping off Steve and Kathy at their boat in San Carlos, I continued on to my boat at Marina Seca Singular Guaymas. I was curious to see what condition the boat was in and I was surprised to see that nothing was amiss. The guys I hired to sand the bottom paint did just a fair job and that was my misery today and will be tomorrow. I have to sand what they did'nt do to my satisfaction so I can move on to the topside of the hulls. I will be here for about 3 weeks working on the boat so I can cruise this season in comfort and not being ashamed of a poorly kept boat. It's kinda nice having my car here to run around and get supplies. I'll try to post pics of the progress and anything that I think will be interesting.

10/15/2008 | Susan
Welcome back! So, we both dodged hurricanes; obviously we're dong somethin' right:)
10/15/2008 | Susan
Welcome back! So, we both dodged hurricanes; obviously we're dong somethin' right:)
10/29/2008 | Barbara & Tom
We are doing boat chores too. Hope to see you soon.
11/02/2008 | Tracey
It was good to see you while you were here in California. Looking forward to reading about your many adventures. Yes... I promise to read your blog now. I love you U.P.
11/03/2008 | Susan
How 'bout some new pix? How do you live on the hard? Your fans would like to know:)
11/04/2008 | Gabriella's Mommy
Hi, G-Pa! Sounds like you're getting your boat in order and are anxious to hit the seas! We miss you, but know you will keep in touch via Skype. Your Little Princess is doing great -- even though she's growing up way too fast.... She's finishing up with soccer, and will be starting Little Dribblers (basketball) in the next few weeks. We all love you!!
End of Season One
Gabriellas grandpa
06/08/2008, Rancho Cordova, Ca.

With my boat sitting on the hard in Guaymas and my rudder removed and contracted some locals to remove my bottom paint, I traveled north to the land of STORES. I took the Tufesa bus from Guaymas to Tucson which took 8 1/2 hours. Then I took a taxi to the airport and hung around there from 10:30pm to 5am to board my flight for Sacramento. I got into Sacramento(a layover in L.A.) at 9:35am and my son and daughter-in-law were there to pick me up and help me pull off the big surprise for Gabriella. Gabriella was expecting me on the 10th, so when she went off to school she was thinking grandpa will be home in 5 days. When school let out at noon I was hiding by a classroom and mom guided her over to my direction. The look on her face was of confusion...she was trying to process what she thought was five more days before I got there...but there I was. That confused look quickly turned into a big grin and some hooping and hollering. Needless to say, Gabriella and grandpa were the happiest people on the block. This will be the last post until I take off again for another season of cruising Mexico in October. Thanks for following along and I truly hope you enjoyed my little travelogue.

06/08/2008 | Susan
Great picture! How long did it take before she was pinching your face?:)
I'll really miss your blog.
06/08/2008 | Phillip Perkins
Susan, not long..maybe 5 minutes.....look in my picture gallery, you will see it there.
High and Dry
Gabriellas grandpa
05/31/2008, Guaymas

I left San Carlos bay early in the morning so I would'nt get beat up by the wind and had a nice motor boat ride for about 14 miles to Guaymas. As soon as I dropped my hook in front of the Singlar facility a couple workers came out and signaled me to go to the fuel dock. I was a day early, but if they wanted to let me tie up there for free, I would'nt complain. I tied up and went to the office to let them know I was'nt going to pay for an extra night at their dock and they in turn asked if I wanted to haul that day and get a few free extra days on the hard......of course I could'nt refuse. You have to understand that I'm the third boat to ever been hauled out at the new facility and I could tell they were not running a fine tuned organization. The lift operator was a safety nut(how wierd in Mexico) and he insisted on doing everything by the book. Out I came and over to Mannaseas' new home without water for 5 months. After a couple of hours getting the stands and blocks just right, she was settled in for the long haul. They gave me an aluminum ladder to use that was about 30 feet long and hard to keep upright because of the length. So I went over to the Maderaria(woodstore) and bought 3 2x4 pieces and carried them the 2 blocks back to the boat to build my own ladder. That done, the next step was to(PGrated) build a receptacle for my electric toilet. I took one of my old diesel jerry jugs and did a little remodeling and presto....a perfect receptacle. They have nice shower and bathrooms but no hot water and they smell bad because they do not know how to put in proper ventilation. So I shower on my boat and use my own toilet. Comfort. I'm in the process of breaking down my rudder post/quadrant and trying to drop it out so I can get an idea what I need to rebuild it. I hired a couple workers to remove my bottom paint while I'm home swimming with my dear Princess. I just talked to her on Skype and when I asked how long before I come home, she screeched 10 days and kept on screeching. My final post for this season will be from home.

05/31/2008 | Susan
We're not at Kettenburg any more, Toto...look at that pristine cement! Phil, I would rather not imagine your electric head setup:)
I'll be thinking of you on Thursday when school gets out in Sacramento.

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