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This IS retirement
The Mexican Riviera awaits
Gabriellas grandpa
11/14/2008, Singlar, Guaymas, Sonora

Tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for. After doing last minute laundry and food shopping I will cast off for all points south. I went to my skin Doctor for the last time to retrieve my boipsy he sent off to Obregon. It was as he suspected(but not me) to be carcinoma. Skin cancer. He said he cut the bump off my nose deep and wide enough to get all the roots of the problem out. He thinks it will be alright. I told poor Arianna in the Singlar office about the results and now she is more worried than I am. I will post her pic in this blog. We had our nice little pizza party with all the employees and were they ever appreciative. It made them feel so good that they were appreciated by gringo cruisers and not all of us want things cheaper and done the way it is in the states. I think this place is the place that I've really gotten attached to even though this is'nt even close to being in the tropical paradise that is must be the people and the friendships they bring. Susan, the only new thing on the outside of the boat is a nice stainless barbecue on my rail. The hulls are the whitest they have ever been. Everyone, look in my picture gallery and scan down to the bottom to the new album to see the new pics and my nice art work on the bottom of the boat dedicated to my beautiful grandaughter Gabriella. I don't know where my next post will be from because I won't make up my mind as to destination until I'm in the middle of the Sea of Cortez.

11/14/2008 | Princess Gabriella
And now... a few words from the Little Princess:
"Hi, Grandpa -- I loooooove the new artwork on the bottom of your boat! You are sailing to the high seas where you must go. Will you send a postcard to me????????????????? I love and miss you lots! Love, Gabriella
11/15/2008 | Susan
Now Mannasea and Ruby have two things in common: we both dodged hurricanes and we both have new barbecues:)
We're going "uptown" by replacing our old Magma kettle on the rail with a new rectangle Magma on a pedestal. Let the grilling begin!
Bouncing on the water
Gabriellas grandpa
11/13/2008, Singlar, Guaymas, Sonora

It sure does good for the soul to be floating again. I went in the water 3 days ago with little damage to the boat.....those pesky straps on the travel lift pulled my deck up a little and rubbed some bottom paint off. My shifter(forward and reverse) was not working properly and my throttle was rusty and not working. After taking everything apart at the fuel dock and wd-40 sprayed liberally I got everyhting working again. Five months of non-use and things tend to get stuck and not work properly. I changed the oil and filter and tweaked a few other things and loaded up with diesel and washed the boat. Tomorrow, I'm throwing a Pizza party for the employees here at the marina(trying to impress Arianna) and had a nice cake made with Muchas Gracias Singlar written on it. I've truly enjoyed their help and friendship while here in Guaymas. It's going to be tough to depart Saturday, but I have to be on my way. I don't know if I will go straight across the Sea to Bahia Concepcion or keep going south to either Mazatlan or La Paz. The weather window for the period that I will be underway looks real good, so that's why I think I might keep on going because I can visit the Sea again at the end of the season on my way back north.

11/13/2008 | The Niece Della
Awesome! Excited to hear you are back on the water...keep in touch! Love you lots!
11/14/2008 | Susan
Mannasea looks spiffy! Did you add anything new to the boat this season?
Gabriellas grandpa
11/10/2008, Singular Guaymas

Finally, tomorrow is the day I get to rock and roll in the water. It sure will be nice to be in the water and forget about all the raunchy, dirty, and downright uncomfortable moments of grinding, sanding and handling some pretty toxic paints and undercoats. I'm now praying that there is no water leaking in when I splash, because of the length of time that Mannasea has been out of the water. I'm starting to feel like I'm a Guaymas resident. I know so many locals and know where everything is in this town. The marina had a barbecue for everyone 2 nights ago and it was quite nice with shrimp, chicken, and beef with all the fixins. I will be hanging around here until Saturday the 15th then put my car away and head over to Bahia Concepcion for a couple of days. I am posting some photos in the photo gallery and in those you find some nice art work that I did to the bottom of Mannasea.....I'm positive Gabriella will get a kick out of it. My first dive into the water I will take pictures of the art work with my new underwater camera. I had the most wonderful experience with Gabriellas first grade class a couple of Wednesdays back. Mrs. Reali. her first grade teacher was gracious enough to download Skype and have her laptop in the class so I could have a video conference with the class. It was so cool to see them and answer their questons in person and scan my camera around the boat so they could see what a messy housekeeper I am.(mid-construction?) I hope to have a few more of those as I drift down the coast and over to the Mexican Riviera. I should post again before I leave this Saturday....Look in the photo gallery.....

11/11/2008 | Susan
Finally!:) You mention the BBQ, but I don't see any other boats on the hard with you? Was your mailsail cover always blue? What's going to happen to your car?
11/11/2008 | Princess Gabriella
From the (singing) mouth of your granddaughter: "Glory to God in the highest and peace to his people on earth." Happy Veteran's Day, Veteran, because you are the best Veteran in the whole United States of America. I love you because I like the way you sail your boat to wherever you're going. You are the best Veteran ever to me! Happy floating to you. Woo hoo!!!!!! Love, Gabriella Perkins
11/11/2008 | Phillip Perkins
Susan, what an eye for details...that is a new sail cover and I will leave my car with Horatio, an employee of Singlar. There were gringos from San Carlos and Marina Seca Guaymas who came to the BBQ. You see with Gs comment how hard it is for me to go cruising.

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