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This IS retirement
A new(to me) anchorage
Gabriellas grandapa
02/16/2009, Las Hadas/Manzanillo

I left Zihuatanejo on what I thought was going to be a good weather window for trying to sail most of the way. It started out OK, but quickly turned south. First of all, my oil cooler problem has reared it's ugly head and I soon lost use of the engine. The plugs I put on kept on leaking badly, so I could only use the engine to get to set the anchor. That meant sailing in directions that I didn't want to go. I would sail about 12 miles off the coast then tack back toward land so I could make some north other words, I would travel about 24 miles east and west just so I could make 5 miles north in the direction I want to go. On top of all that excessive travel I was in winds that topped 20 knots, which was not at all comfortable. I stopped at Caleta de Campos for an overnite break then headed up to Muruata for another break. Then left Muruata at 10 pm for an overniter to Manzanillo. The trip to Manzanillo was great until the last 3 hours with the wind gusting up to 22 knots and heavy seas, then a container ship wanted to run me down. I finally dropped the hook at Las Hadas next to new cruising friends that I met in Caleto de Campos. This place is on the luxurious side and I'm enjoying all the decadence it has to offer. The resorts are built on hillsides and the open air restaurants are sitting up high so the view is great. The food is pretty decent with dorado filet going for 90 pesos($7.50US). So I'm hanging out here for a few more days getting all the water out of the boat and cleaning the bottom tomorrow in freezing 75 degree water...don't you feel sorry for me? The first grade kids video conference will be a little late because I'm having so much fun that I don't want to keep that rigid of a schedule. I am actuallly getting attached to the MANANA ATTITUDE. Look for some new pics of this piece of Paradise.

02/17/2009 | Heather
Don't forget to go visit Ruben the Port Captain. That place was a nice stop, but too class for cruisers of our kind ;) Good luck with the motor.
02/21/2009 | Boomerang
When we visited Ruben on the way south, he charged us 150 Pesos a day for dinghy fees. On the way north we sorta forgot to visit him. (Cheap cruisers) Good restaurant up on the hill outside the resort.
Departing Zihuatanejo
Gabriellas grandapa
02/07/2009, Zihua Bay

I think I've worn out my welcome here and am starting to get restless readers of this blog, so I better start punching some keys or I will lose my followers. I actually did volunteer to help with the Zihua Sailfest for one day. I did the same thing I did last year which was to shuttle paying passengers to the boats in the parade to Xtapa and back. There were 27 boats taking 162 passengers which adds up to a few pesos for the kids schools. A few days ago I was fortunate enough to meet some wonderful cruisers on a beautiful 51 foot cataraman. They had just gotten back from the Revillegedos islands which are about 230 miles south of Cabo San Lucas. They were in company of Jacaranda which has Chuck and Linda aboard. Chuck was my neighbor at Shelter Island in San Diego many years ago. Anyway, they went diving at the several islands in the group for about 3 weeks and they had the good fortune to ride the giant Manta Rays. I watch a couple hours of video that had them diving with the Mantas and some hammerhead sharks. If you want to check it out go to: I've had both my outboards worked on here by a nice and competent outboard mechanic. And, of course I've been doing my own mechanical work on my diesel on a daily basis. If I wasn't in Paradise I think I would be a little upset constantly tweaking this and that on the boat. I've been eating some delicious dorado(mahi-mahi) almost every other day. There is this cataraman(38foot Lagoon) with three young girls..7, 9, and 12 I think. They have been the radio net controllers each morning and it is the best net I've heard anywhere. These young girls are so professional, yet so entertaining. I think it is the highlight of being in Zihuatanejo this year. I went over to Playa Linda, which is next to Club Med and Isla Grande just to take some photos of Gabriellas favorite animal....the Cocodrillos....Crocodiles in english. So I will post those and maybe some others. I will leave here and sail up to Santiago(maybe stop at the anchorage that has the health spa for women) for a few days before going over to Barra de Navidad so I can hook up the 1st grade class in Collimilla with Gabriellas 1st grade class in Rancho Cordova. That should be a hoot........... I'll try to be a little more frequent with the blog posts and maybe go into my day by day doings in the land of fish tacos. The opening photo is the way my Princess wants me to pose for photos...she taught me that on a ferry ride from Sausalito to S.F.

02/08/2009 | Susan
Enjoyed all the pictures of the crocodiles in Zihua. Is their population increasing? Are they a tourist attraction like the #*%! seals who have taken over the Children's Pool in La Jolla?
02/12/2009 | Heather
Hey Phil,

When are you going to make it to our neck of the woods? We are in La Cruz. I have brownies and cookies!
Fixing things while in Paradise
Gabriellas grandapa
01/23/2009, Zihuatanejo

I pulled the hook and left Santiago in the morning so I could harbor hop or day sail to Zihuatanejo. The sailing was pretty nice as I came upon my first anchorage. It was a north facing anchorage and the winds were out of the northwest so that made the wind whipped waves out of that direction also. I went in hoping the wave action would subside enough with the waning wind so I could have a peaceful overnite stay. After dropping the hook and flopping around, I decided to weigh anchor and do an overniter to the next anchorage. Just as I was pulling up the anchor, I saw 4 gringa women in beach attire walking down to the beach as they were pointing at me and talking amongst themselves. As I was determined not to stay ther and motoring out I recalled a story a fellow cruiser told me about this anchorage. He anchored there last year and hooked up with some gringa ladies and had a great time in the very same anchorage. I think he said it is some kind of a health spa for women only. Oh well, my luck is still on the south side of life. After a night of sailing and motor-sailing I came into Caleta de Campos and dropped the hook in mid-day. I was anchored so close to the beach that the young locals swam out and asked me a thousand questions. Then they wanted to climb up on the boat and dive off my bow. My mistake was to let them do it once. I packed 200 pesos and my old gasses in a baggie and swam ashore for dinner. As I was eating at the local palapa on the beach I saw several kids swimming around my boat, but luckily they didn't board it. The next morning I sailed out of Caleta de Campos and sail to Zihuatanejo doing an overnighter. Actually, I got there about midnight and just stood off about ten miles for the night. It was kind of nice just drifting out there and watching movies and waiting for daylight. My first few days here has seen me repair a lot of odds and ends. I really think I need a new engine. I might rent a car and do some inland travelling to Iguala and Morelia.

01/24/2009 | Susan
Neat photo. What do you mean needing a new engine?
Are there lots of cruisers in Zihua by now? We sold our watermaker to a Canadian couple heading for the South Pacific.
01/25/2009 | Susan
Isn't it almost time for ZihuaSailfest? Are you offering to operate a watertaxi again this year?
01/25/2009 | Phillip Perkins
Zihuafest is Feb.3 to the 7th. No, I don't think I will participate....who knows? I'm tired of oil leaks and constant repairs.

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