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This IS retirement
La Paz
Gabriellas grandapa
04/18/2009, La Paz (City of Peace)

I had a wonderful stay in La Paz. I rented a bike for a day so I could get to see a lot of the city. I was on my way to Tel Cel to buy a 3G laptop modem and a guy opened his door on his pickup and I smahed right into it. Threw me to the gound and I got a few cuts and scratches and a big bump on my elbow. Then a short time later I was almost run down by a guy who thought bikes shouldn't be on the road. Even though La Paz is not a bike friendly city, I still like it here. I enjoy the routine of having a nice Pescado filet dinner or Arrachea tacos or eating at Applbees, then strolling down the malecon and getting a nice ice cream cone. I also like the grocery stores here. They have stock that is influenced by the gringos who visit them. So I stocked up my freezer with frozen dinners, bratwurst, and ice cream. I checked the weather well on about 4 different sources and headed out out to the islands after my good-byes. I spent the first night at Caleta Partida and the next morning headed up to Isla San Francisco. About an hour out I turned around and went back to Ensenada Grande(next door to Caleta Partida). It was just too junky and the wind was on the nose. About 3am I awoke to the boat getting these annoying little slaps on the side of the boat because I was sideways to the incoming waves. So I weighed anchor and headed north. What a difference a day makes in weather conditions. It was so nice that I kept on going all the way up to Aqua Verde, bypassing San Evaristo.

Mazatlan and the crossing to La Paz
Gabriellas grandapa
04/02/2009, La Paz (City of Peace)

Left Isla Isabella and headed north for an overniter to Mazatlan. Pulled into the old harbor to anchor in the Club Nautico anchorage. This is the anchorage where last season I dragged my anchor and went against the seawall when a couple of Pangero fisherman saved my bacon. Of course, since then I thoroughly check my anchoring no matter how exhausted I am. I spent 2 nights at the old town anchorage then move about 7 miles over to the Marina Mazatlan area to take a dock space at my favorite Singular facility. The manager here was transferred to Guaymas, so I will get to see and deal with him when I get there. His girlfriend, Alma is currently managing this facility and is doing a fine job. A new girl is working here and of course I became smitten again. There is something about the Singular girls that I'm attracted to.....they are CUTE, bubbly, and downright fun to be's that for description. After 3 days there I decided to catch a good weather window to sail across the Sea of Cortez to La Paz. I said goodbyes to friends I have been sailing with up and down the coast of the Mexican Riviera. Then I said goodbye to the girls at Singular and they pleaded with me to stay longer(they need someone to laugh at/with). Off I went and the weather predictions weren't even close to what they said. Needless to say it was a little uncomfortable....but not all that bad. It was nice to pull into La Paz, one of my favorite places. Downright GORGEOUS sunsets and a nice laid-back atmosphere. I'll be here for about 10 days then start my northward migration to all the anchorages on Baja.

04/04/2009 | Susan
Is that the La Paz anchorage behind the statue? What is it/she?
Cruising North
Gabriellas grandapa
03/28/2009, Chacala.. San Blas..Isla Isabella

After a nice overnite anchorage in Punta Mita I sailed around the corner and up into of my favorite anchorages. Spent a few lovely days there with friends Tom and Barbara on Hooligan. We discovered a nice little outdoor cafe up the hill that is run by a young couple. He is Mexican(from Guadalajara) and she is British. On friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings they serve Pizza, Pasta, and great salads. It seems on this seasons cruise I go in search of quality meals instead of watching the budget when I go eat......It has been very satisfying. Moved on to Madenchen Bay next to San Blas for one night of anchoring, then the next day I moved into the estuary to anchor for one night. The mosquitos and noseeums were eating me alive this year. I spent one night in the just opened Singlar marina in San Blas and washed the boat really well. Then on to Isla Isabella to hopefully a peaceful anchorage. Arrived at the outer anchorage in wonderfully flat conditions and anchored in clear water(30 foot visibility). I went diving in to check the anchor and take photos of the bottom of the boat. The next morning I went ashore to get the promised pics of the blue-footed boobies. Had a nice tour of the island and got tons of pics of birds and lizards and Iguanas. Weighed anchor then headed north to Mazatlan.

03/28/2009 | Susan
Why the difference in biting insects this year? Wetter?
Cool pictures of the boobies.
03/30/2009 | Gabriella's Mommy
Hey there, G-Pa -- Gabriella's totally jazzed that you will be home in less than two months! She prays for you to have a safe trip back almost every night, and her classmates often remember you in their "special intentions" during morning prayer. She is Student of the Week next week and one of the things she wants to take to share w/ the class is the map of Mexico you gave her. She wants to draw a picture of a sailboat, tape it to the map, and chart your passage for her classmates. She's a gen-u-ine navigator in training! Travel safely, and we'll see you soon.
03/30/2009 | Gabriella's Mommy
P.S. -- Nice boobies!

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