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This IS retirement
Ex-Pat Village
Gabriellas grandapa
04/18/2009, Puerto Escondido

Left Aqua Verde for the 20 mile motor boat trip to Puerto Escondido. I dropped anchor in my favorite spot in the Elipse. I have a love-hate relationship with this anchorage. The pluse are...a new restaurant in the Singlar facility...pastries and diet A&W root beer at the little tienda 2 miles down the road at the Tipui hotel and RV park. The restaurant at Tripui is also quite good. Very fast wifi from the Portobello restaurant at Singlar. Protection from high winds in the anchorage. The minuses are...cost of food at the tienda at Tripui. the cost of food at the Portobello restaurant. The cost of wifi at Portobello. The cost of laundry tokens at Singlar. The unfriendly signals from the manager at Singlar. And last but not least is the permanent residents here at Puerto Escondido. They are OK people, but not the kind I hang around with. This place really has nothing to offer except anchoring in a spectacular's like I'm anchored at the foot of the Grand Canyon. This is my 3rd post don't forget to scroll back to catch the other ones. New pics posted in the Gallery.

04/19/2009 | Susan
Wow, three posts in one day! My cup runneth over:) The gorgeous photos really capture the essence of Baja. The weather looks perfect now, too.
04/24/2009 | Gabriella's Mommy
Hey, G-Pa -- It was great talking with you tonight! We all enjoyed seeing you. We got right on Google Earth and tracked where you've been. And now, a message from Princess Gabriella: "Hi, Grandpa. I am playing baseball on Wii. This person is crazy because she is throwing a lot of fastballs. I'm batting left-handed with one hand. I love you! Bye."
04/24/2009 | Gabriella's Mommy
P.S. -- Your photos are amazing! And your boat looks so awesome from up atop that high hill! Too bad you don't do that more often... ;-) Seriously, paradise is looking quite inviting!
Aqua Verde
Gabriellas grandapa
04/18/2009, Aqua Verde

I had a nice passage from Isla Partida to Aqua Verde with sailing for half the time. I love to anchor in close to the beach with my stern anchor out to keep me in a permanent position instead of swinging all over the place. I teamed up with the good folks on Cirque to go to Easter dinner at a restaurant. I asked the day before if they would be open and they said they would be serving fish filet and tacos. So we walked the rock ledge around to the main beach then into the village to the restaurant. We had to wake them from their siesta and they really didn't want to cook for us. So we told them to forget it and walked back to the dinghys. Such is life in these outpost villages. I had plenty of frozen food, so wasn't that concerned. I climbed to the highest peak over looking the anchorage and took some pics...check them out in the gallery.

La Paz
Gabriellas grandapa
04/18/2009, La Paz (City of Peace)

I had a wonderful stay in La Paz. I rented a bike for a day so I could get to see a lot of the city. I was on my way to Tel Cel to buy a 3G laptop modem and a guy opened his door on his pickup and I smahed right into it. Threw me to the gound and I got a few cuts and scratches and a big bump on my elbow. Then a short time later I was almost run down by a guy who thought bikes shouldn't be on the road. Even though La Paz is not a bike friendly city, I still like it here. I enjoy the routine of having a nice Pescado filet dinner or Arrachea tacos or eating at Applbees, then strolling down the malecon and getting a nice ice cream cone. I also like the grocery stores here. They have stock that is influenced by the gringos who visit them. So I stocked up my freezer with frozen dinners, bratwurst, and ice cream. I checked the weather well on about 4 different sources and headed out out to the islands after my good-byes. I spent the first night at Caleta Partida and the next morning headed up to Isla San Francisco. About an hour out I turned around and went back to Ensenada Grande(next door to Caleta Partida). It was just too junky and the wind was on the nose. About 3am I awoke to the boat getting these annoying little slaps on the side of the boat because I was sideways to the incoming waves. So I weighed anchor and headed north. What a difference a day makes in weather conditions. It was so nice that I kept on going all the way up to Aqua Verde, bypassing San Evaristo.

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