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Who: Jim & Deanna Chesson
Port: Edenton, NC
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Diary of a Galley Wench
03/19/2012, Anse d'Arlet, Anse Noire, Fort de France

YEA, We left Le Marin and anchored just outside along St Anne for a wonderful swim and breezy night. We set sail the next morning for points north. Well, actually we tried to head up the east coast but after some progress the northerly winds kept us from making the turn. No worries as we turned around and set anchor in Anse d'Arlet for the night. We set out to snorkel and after a while we finally decided to anchor in the rocks. I actually sat on board to make sure we stayed off the rocks. Lucky for me as the water was rather cold.
Stephen & Christophe went into town for internet and baquettes for dinner.
This morning on the way to Fort de France we stopped @ Anse Noire for a WONDERFUL snorkel - pics online - and then a walk in Fort de France followed by dinner on board.
Christophe heads home tomorrow and we will continue north. We will let you know where we end up -

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03/17/2012, Le Marin

...the French have great baquettes but lousy bay side internet; the island is gorgeous filled with sugar cane, banana fields, lush vegetation and more developed than other Caribbean islands we have visited; yesterdays highlight as we went around the island was when we got to Carrafour - equates to a super Wal-Mart or Sam's Club in size but the food items available where beyond. Jim was like a kid in a candy store. Various sausages, ailses of cheese, a bakery unlike anything in the states. They even sold oxen testicles. I was in the dairy isle, which is 2 sided, and this was only yogurts, puddings, butter, and cheese. Similar brands but Yoplait does not offer what I saw @ my local Food Lion. Jim went to shop this morning because I might have bought more than we could eat before we head back for our beautiful nieces wedding. We joked about upon our return we head direct to Martinique to reprovision. hahaha NOT
I do believe if we stayed around for about a month we could pick up the language enough to get around. Christophe has been a great help.

Well, glad to have found some service but we must to return to the boat to set sail for a few hours. Of course that is after I prepare lunch. Hopefully they bought some croissants for our sandwiches - makes it all taste better!
Au Bientot, the Chessons

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Land Time

Presently sitting in the lobby of the hotel a friend of our happens to be on business - Christophe Henry was sweet & kind to invite us to use the pool, internet and a shower while he is working. The guys dove Diamant Rock while I sat poolside. With this speedy connection I thought I would catch up on blogging. Enjoy

Q: How long does it take to change a light bulb? A: 2 days
Sunday while out on the hook in Rodney Bay we noticed the anchor light had burned out. Jim headed back to the dock to see if we could tie up briefly and go up the mast to change it - not so roll and scary at the dock. Jim came across Norm, whom he met in St Maarten back in Nov - who suggested to go ahead and leave for Martinique as the anchorage is very calm and supplies a plenty..especially as we were hoping to replace with LED. With in 30 minutes we were off the hook and enjoyed the wonderful sail noted in previous blog.
Norm came over Tuesday, after the guys brought the sail in to be repaired and I cooked Stephen some BIRTHDAY brownies, and up Jim went - conquering his fear of being 63ft in the air "hanging on a string". Lights removed, supplies bought and up again only to find out it still did not work. Fortunately Norm (s/v Tu Hauwes (sp)) was there as he checked the fuses, connectors,....while Jim hung up there for a while. No luck so we brought him down to see what needed to happen. Of course this is all related to the leak we have in the mast/mast locker.
It would have to wait another day as we had dinner plans w/Christophe.
Jim mulled over the problem all night and morning hoping for the solution. Norm returned to the boat Weds afternoon while his girlfriend, kids & I went ashore to "walk the dogs" little saying when the passengers get restless from being on the boat to long. It was very enjoyable.
We returned to SUCCESS and Jim could hardly wait until 6:30ish to see if it really worked. haha
He also put some filler in/around the mast boot and hope that will help the leaking until we get home to get it really looked at.

I prepared dinner, we ate & then played a game of hearts - appropriate as we were celebrating our 25th Anniversary.

Tomorrow the sail should be ready and then we will be ready to set sail once again as Saturday Christophe will join us for a few days around Martinique. May the winds stay fair and the seas calm.

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03/16/2012 | rob patterson
Hey! Loving your blog and wish I was there! Keep it coming.
03/16/2012 | Wanda
Happy birthday to Steven! And Happy Anniversary to you and Jim! Love reading about your adventures! Hope to see you soon!
03/12/2012, Martinique is sailing days like this that keep cruisers cruising. Our travel from Rodney Bay to Martinque was beautiful. More like our journey south than the few sails in between. The winds were in the direction to move us north while the waves were the most settled I have seen since being in the Caribbean. I guess alot of boats thought the same thing as there were many out there.

We arrived in (drawing a blank and not near information I can find out.!?) where the boats are a plenty and anchored as far away from other boats as possible. In reality we were close enough to toss the other guy some toilet paper if needed. The French are very touchy-feely. haha All is well though as the guys set a good anchor and the anchorage is very calm hence the reason why we came here.....our anchor light went out which means someone has to climb the mast and change the bulb.

Tomorrow is STEPHEN's 17th Birthday!!!

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03/22/2012 | Dawna
Why o why cant I be there!!!!! you look amazingly peaceful
We made it
03/10/2012, Rodney Bay, St Lucia

Our journey began around 3:30pm & w/in an hour Stephen caught us another fish - tuna. He must have been a hungry fellow because it appeared he swam vigorously upstream to get the hook very close to his eyeball -Yuck. Kudos to Jed Record, Eyecatcher Lures, as it was one of his. WAIT, Eyecatcher = hook by his eye? I will have to notice if that happens again.

I love it when the guys are back there cleaning the fish (Pedro & I have the helm) as I always hear things like "We are not being wasteful as something will eat it" & "Dr Frank would never throw that away"
No fishing after 5:30pm so the line was reeled in.

We all hung out in the cockpit until 11 when Jim went to sleep for a few hours. Stephen was on watch & I was there for moral support. Plus, I don't like going below when underway.
Jim came on @ 2am & Stephen could not wait to get some sleep. With the wind and waves once again @ our bow he was cold 7 wet. We all were. Even though you are so far south, you need your foul weather gear. Won't forget that next time! Notice in pictures I switched to my foul weather coat and dry clothes after one of my potty breaks.
Jim remained on watch the rest of the journey & we arrived in Rodney Bay around 11-11:30am. I told him I would watch and for him to sleep but he wanted to make sure I was comfortable as this was my first.

Being treated to marina life for 2 days so we can wash the layers of salt off the boat. I truly need to find a way to bottle that stuff. Once I made lunch, hung towels and stripped Stephen's bed - have small leak over his bed.!? - and Stephen to soak the deck lines in fresh water....we headed to the pool and then enjoyed a long, warm, roomy shower:) Jim checked us into immigration and took a well deserved nap.

We took the local bus to the mall just to walk and look around. The guys spotted a Burger & KFC contemplating which we were going to have for dinner. Really guys?
KFC won out and we took it back to the boat to eat while we watched a movie. James Bond of course. Jim & I then went to listen to the steel drum band by the pool and enjoyed some time together.

Waiting for the laundry pick up and then off for a jog/walk before I have to tackle the interior cleaning. Since the guys will be cleaning up top, hence the hatches closed, I get air-conditioning.

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Full Moom
03/08/2012, Petit St Vincent

Well folks, this afternoon we plan on pulling up anchor and setting sail into the moonlight. Yup, my first overnight which, for you land-lovers, means we sail through the night and end up at our desired destination in the morning. Of course this could change at anytime as the winds seem to be ever changing. To be honest with you - I am ready to head somewhere and with the moon full the visibility will be great. These last few nights it is so bright below deck it is hard to fall asleep.
Just wishing I had some Smart Popcorn as that keeps me going on a late night drive! Oh, the things we take for granted - exits with a Sheetz

If the internet was a little faster I would insert a picture here -use your imagination!

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