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20 July 2011
The Iron Maiden britnicos accounted late on Saturdays and Sunday morning all the attention on the second day of the festival Sonisphere Getafe, when together than 40,000 ams followers in an area which at times has been exceeded.
As, acting the parts of the legendary heavy metal band has exceeded the expectations of the organization, to the point, sto energy credits , that about 00:00, when an ms three concerts were held , water reserves were depleted in several bars and bean queues over half an hour to access the beams.
But even with these complications to the public has seen it enjoy a festival that can draw a positive balance, due to good live bands that have, runescape gold for sale, offered assembled.
Started the day strong with a hammer Swedish "Hammerfall" hitting the stage with heavy metal songs very classics as "Hearts on Fire", "One more time" or "Let the hammer fall" in a actuaci3 No, although high quality, has known little, due to their limited duration.
Just despus has come the thundering sound of the American Mastodon,, dc universe online cash, progressive metal with a slo fit for gourmets and a metalhead so inaccessible to the average in a unique style praised by crtica, which has to great songs like "Blood and Thunder", with which they have closed their actuacin.
Mous with heated and the room and packed, the Finns Apocalyptica have been following pave the way to Iron Maiden, who have combined their own compositions with his usual band Metallica aclamadsimas versions, using cellos with an ease that breath away.
Virtuosity has continued the ambitious progressive hard rock of Dream Theater band comprised of some of the most prestigious musicians rock the planet, as guitarist John Petrucci and bassist John Myung.
Some artists that have managed to keep up with his interpretation of songs like "Forsaken", "Caught in a web", "Fatal Tragedy" and even "Metropolis," a song that does not usually play on their current tour and have decided to give away to madrileos.
And now as, was the turn of Iron Maiden and their journey to the last frontier of rock'n roll via its tour of "Final Frontier", his last hit album and in an incredible and cumbersome and a half hour concert, typical of a single tour group and away from what is usually seen in such festivals.
With songs from his latest album ms and others as "Dance of Death" and Grammy-nominated "The Wicker Man", showed that Iron Maiden est in top form and there is much more life all their usual classics, like "Fear of the Dark," "The Trooper" or "Running Free", which also formed part of the repertoire.
Remnants of spacecraft and even a background star Eddie's pet-band of giant size have decorated the stage by the singer Bruce Dickinson has continued to jump and climb all the time.
The second major acting the night has come at the hands of Twisted Sister, who has known constant cheers of the public start with his songs "Burn in hell," "The kids are back" or timeless classics " We're Not Gonna Take It "and" I want to rock. "
In one of the more amusing moments of the day, Twisted Sister, displaying his great ability to move the masses, made these last couple of songs in "eggs with oil" and "I want to fuck", with entregadsimos ensuing laughter about attending.
The cult group Uriah Heep tena the impossible task of filling the gap dej Alice Cooper-who cancel their Sonisphere actuacin in a few weeks before, and although obviously it does not, s that convinced attendees, even those who never talk about them ny Haban, with songs like "Stealin '" or "Easy livin'.

06 July 2011 | News clip
The Serbian Novak Djokovic, ATP rnking second player and major threat to dethrone the Spaniard Rafael Nadal in the first place worldwide, said today in Rome who are playing the best tennis his life and is now something more about number one.