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Chartering in Maine
08/10/2012, Georgetown, ME

From maine summer 2012Here it is, August 10, and we are already starting to wind down our chartering season. We have had a great busy as we wanted to be. We actually have had to turn away some inquiries. A complete turn-around from last year. Usually we try to book charters through September, but we will be starting the push to get the boat ready to head south as soon as we finish our last charter the week after labor day.

From maine summer 2012
We've had some great days on the water this summer that included beautiful sunsets and foggy mornings. From maine summer 2012

Our plan is leave Maine about the 10th of October, so that gives us almost a month to varnish, install AIS, maybe another solar panel, and whatever else needs to be done.

We are already looking forward to winter in the Bahamas. Maine is a great place to be for the summer, but round about January, you start to wonder what was going through your head when you decide to stay home!

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10/19/2012 | Jim
We had a great time in July! Too bad the fireworks were rained out. The best part of our vacation was the charter, both the food and activities. Next time, I think we would choose the 8 day cruise to Acadia if you could put up with us that long :-). BTW, Lisa and I agreed on our perfect boat name. One step closer!
A Week in Wine Country
10/17/2011, Sonoma County

From wine country

Just got back from California wine country...if you want to see some pics, click on my gallery link...what amazing countryside...and coastline!

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AHH...the Coast of Maine
05/12/2011, Georgetown, ME

From Knubble

It may be foggy, and it may be cold, and the water temperature might still be only 45 degrees, but it's home...and we're glad to be back. Yes, we're home...I have just been so busy trying to get everything back in order that I haven't had the chance to post.

We left Plymouth, MA Saturday morning and made our way to Portsmouth, NH. It started off as a very good day...the sun was shining, the autopilot was working , and the wind and seas were quite manageable. Until we got just off of Newburyport...that's when the biggest, blackest clouds covered the sky. We were anticipating a really severe thunderstorm by the looks of things. Turns out, we got some pretty heavy rain, the winds picked up to about 20 knots, and the lightning strikes weren't TOO it was better than we expected.

Sunday the winds shifted to the northeast, and the forecast was for continually building winds and seas, so we left at 6AM, hoping to get home before it got ugly. It's about a 10 hour trip from Portsmouth to Robinhood, so there was plenty of time for things to go sour. We started off with light fog, but as the morning wore on the skies cleared. The seas were comfortable, and we were having a pretty nice motor-sail up the coast. We were sticking close to shore, hoping the waves would get knocked down as the land was blocking some of the wind. Everything was great until we were about 2.5 hours from home. That's when the fog dropped on us. And I mean "Good ole Maine fog". We had about 200 yard visibility until we were half way up the Sheepscot. Then, miraculously, the sun broke out, the fog lifted, and we had a beautiful ride up the Goose Rocks Passage to our slip.

It was a long ride home, but it's definitely worth the effort. We had a great time in the Abacos this winter. Our plan is to stay home next winter, then we'll head back down in the fall of, until then

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05/13/2011 | CORNING Townsend
Welcome home to the Sheepscot River Valley!
We sure hope that you are keeping C.T. in the water so that there is a good shot of seeing/meeting you this summer.

And when we do, please teach us how to fish as well as you two do.
Almost Home
05/06/2011, Plymouth, Ma

Yesterday we left Duck Island Roads early in the morning, anticipating a long, crappy day...we were right. Long Island Sound seems to be very inhospitable. The only time we sail here is in the late fall, or the early spring, so I guess it could be about the timing, but we haven't had many good days on the Sound. Yesterday we were bucking the current the whole day. With 20 knots of wind behind us, and a current against us, the sea conditions were miserable...and we are still hand-steering.

We pushed on to Newport, RI, where I had dreams of going ashore (haven't touch ground since Norfolk), but it turns out today appeared to be a good traveling day, so we left Newport this morning at 7AM, and pushed on through the Canal to Plymouth. It was looking like a good day until we came out of the canal into Cape Cod Bay. THe wind was blowing 20-25 knots with gusts to 35. Finally we had the oportunity to do some sailing, but it was a squirrely ride.

Plymouth Harbor entrance is almost 5 miles long, a well-marked channel winding through shallow water. With 25 knots on the nose, Al was white-knuckling our way in. We dropped the anchor just outside the main mooring field, and a breathed big sigh of relief.

If the weather holds for the next 2 days, we should be home on Sunday...we'll keep our fingers crossed.

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05/07/2011 | Maggie
thinking of you two often - glad to hear you are almost home, but wish you better weather and warm breezes for the remainder.
Rain Rain...go away!
05/04/2011, Duck Island Roads, Old Saybrook, CT

This morning the anchorage was like a mill pond...not a wrinkle on the water. We left about 8AM, and by the time we wound our way out of Oyster Bay, the wind was blowing 15-18 knots, and the skies blackened. It started to rain shortly after we got going, and continued all day long. The wind backed down, and we ended up motoring once again...good thing we topped off the fuel tanks yesterday.
From northbound 2011
We often have small birds, like sparrows or chickadees, hitch a ride with us when we are offshore, but when I turned around to look at Al at the wheel today, this guy was sitting on the solar panel just behind him!

We persevered through the dreary, rainy day, and ended up just west of Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Tomorrow we plan on getting to Newport, RI...might even stay an extra day and enjoy the town!

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