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Star Shot Adventures
Heading North
15 March 2011 | Great Guana Cay
We left George Town today heading north. It was a beautiful sailing day. We haven't had much luck with internet so a month has gone by since our last posting. George Town is the location for the annual cruisers Regatta and we did enjoy some of the activities. We were there for about a week.
In February we left Black Point and we went to Long Island and from there to the Ragged Islands . There were quite a few anchorages along the way. Some very quiet, like Barraterre and some like Thompson Bay, Long Island with 32 boats at anchor.
In general it has been breezy at times, but very few storms with high winds out of many fast changing directions.
The picture is of Barraterre, a tiny community, one bar with internet, a tiny store and not much else. The school is abandoned, because there weren't enough children to keep it open. They take a bus to a different community.