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The Adventures of No Strings Attached
Vessel Name: No Strings Attached
Vessel Make/Model: Baltic 37
Hailing Port: Richmond, CA
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24 September 2012 | home
as the roadies take the stage...."
24 September 2012 | Out there
08 September 2012 | Richmond
Around five pm, NSA played host to a Pacific Whiteside Dolphin convention. We saw hundreds f these amazing, curious animals over the course of four hours. They appeared from virtually every point of the compass to play around the bow. Steve hung his head over the side for an hour making eye contact, [...]
08 September 2012 | Richmond
171 to go.
07 September 2012 | Richmond
292 to go. Slowly motoring to conserve fuel, though I suspect we'll have more tan enough breeze once it turns on again. Very quiet here. Steve and Tim are racked out, radar is keeping a vigil, and I go topside to stare into the fog every 10 minutes or so, until the slatting mainsail makes me nuts. [...]
06 September 2012 | Richmond
If you're tempted to offer God a small prayer for a "bit of breeze" to help you escape thee Pacific High, it pays to remember that He shops at Costco. You'll get your breeze in bulk.