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A blog account of the activities of yacht GHOST.
Loving Galapagos
03 May 2010 | Galapagos
We've had a really wonderful 2.5 weeks here in the Galapagos. I think the overwhelming feeling is just how much wildlife is all around you, from frigate birds flying overhead, sealions swimming around the boat to pelicans and sealions competing for fish ends from the local fish market. Just a short walk from the anchorage is a surf beach and at the end of the beach there is a rocky area where marine iguanas perch on the black volcanic rocks and warm up before their next foray into the sea for food watched by loads of red sally lightfoot crabs covering the rocks. It's just amazing how colourful most of the species are - why are the crabs so red and the boobies feet so blue?

In between a few urgent jobs to get the boat ready for the big crossing (replacing the fan belt as the alternator was not charging sufficiently and installing a fan in the beer fridge which was overheating and cutting out) we've dived and walked around the islands taking loads of photos as we go. We've also enjoyed just hanging out around the town here on Santa Cruz which has a really friendly feel to it, and we've made the most of the bars and nightclub and local restaurants where you can eat a fantastic fish curry for US$4. Steve has returned to his trip around South America so we're back to just 3 of us.

On Saturday Jay and I went to the local fruit and veg market and stocked up for the next leg of the trip so today it's time to do a final clothes & sheet wash ashore (as it's pretty cheap here we've given the washing machine a rest!), for a few last minor jobs and a clean of the boat. Then we will leave tomorrow for the c.3000nm trip to the Marquesas. Recent reports from boats that we know ahead of us have them completing the trip from between 17-20 days, so fingers crossed. The long range weather forecasts have been pretty consistent in showing 15-20 knot trade winds around a day's sail south of us here at the Galapagos.

Thought you may be interested in some pics of the land-based wildlife here:
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