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A blog account of the activities of yacht GHOST.
Toilets of Vanuatu
12 October 2010 | Aore Island, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
Vanuatu can certainly be a strange place. Perhaps a good reflection of our time spent here is the range of toilets we have encountered during our travels; from dark and dirty with see through walls in a strange art gallery/massage parlour combination, to hole-in-the-ground affairs where it was better to do your business behind the hut rather than in it, to kava bar loos where the curtains are just long enough to hide the identity of the person whose toilet bits are on display from under the curtain, to a random WC sitting in the middle of nowhere on a sand beach with no plumbing, to perfectly preserved bathrooms down 40m below the surface on the Coolidge, a 70-year-old shipwreck.

And yet in contrast to all this yachties are made extremely welcome in a lovely sheltered anchorage just off Oyster Bay resort, where the toilets were some of the best I've ever seen, decorated with beautiful local flowers, half open to the sky with a garden to look at and hermit crabs playing in the crushed coral at your feet to keep you entertained as you do your business.

So the best way to deal with Vanuatu is to take it as it comes, smile when you get delivered a completely different drink than you ordered, nod when someone gives you a deflated Dora the Explorer ring to try to float down a river on, expect the most random things in random places and enjoy the hospitality and wonderful friendliness of all the local ni-Van people. We hope this place doesn't change.
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