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A blog account of the activities of yacht GHOST.
"How the fright started" - Adventures from Epi to Santo
Rachelle & Brian
14 October 2010 | Aore Island, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
Our first encounter with Brad and Kat was on the Island Epi in Vanuatu. We had met a few travelers after being there for a few days, some delivering bibles translated into Bislam, others delivering bad stories and jokes but worst of all there was Kat and Brad with their accomplices Gav and Linda, who were delivering RUM. They first tempted the Bible importers with it then lured us in. and somehow the following day we were on their yacht sailing to the island Ambrym and drinking their beer, which wasn't even in English. Here they savagely dumped us on shore in the middle of the night where we walked in torch light to our hut, fed tinned black tuna with rice at every meal and with no fresh water on the island. Meanwhile they were eating fresh Mahi Mahi caught on the trip over. and probably laughing at us.

There was something strange about this island. our host Sam who seemed to appear at every turn, as not only the Lodge Owner, Village Chief, Builder, Air Vanuatu Agent, Luggage handler, Tour guide and each time wearing a different T-shirt. Was this the same Sam or was black magic involved. We knew we had to leave the island soon. well after a quick tour of the village where they do the cool carvings. We did the tour with the Ghost crew as we knew they wouldn't pose a danger to us as our combined fear was the truck ride there along the bumpy dirt track. with Sam of course.

Later that day we planned to steal Ghost and sail the seas ourselves but Ghost had already vanished into the sunset. We made it our mission to hunt for these evil people, Kat and Brad.. If that is their real names. we wanted to deliver pay back and to get some Mahi Mahi! We knew they were headed for Santo so we went to Sam the chief, then Sam the Air Vanuatu Agent then to the airport where Sam the baggage handler took our bags. How did he do it!! Finally we made our escape and flew into Santo.

Fortunately we found Kat and Brad pretty quickly which was quite surprising considering the size of the place. Must have a population of over 50. Quite large compared with the last islands. Over the next couple of days we hung out with them - completely on edge but waiting for the right opportunity to strike. We suffered things like diving the SS President Coolidge together, a hike to the Millenium caves, drinking kava. All which would have been amazing if we weren't constantly thinking they were going to cut our air supply or push us off a cliff. Brian attempted to get Brad bent by taking him down to 69!! (I will let Brad explain that one). Then they had the cheek to invite us again to go sailing with them over to the beautiful island of Oyster Bay. I have to say, this couple as evil as they were, started to grow on us. And Kat's entry into and out of Oyster Bay guided by Brad was like she had been sailing around the world for 3 years.. beautiful.

Hmm what were they up to. Then a friend of mine, Cathy, turned up from Cairns who they sucked in as well. another victim for them. We stayed a few nights on the boat with one eye open. Went kayaking to the stunning blue lagoon, sang songs, drank rum cocktails, Jim Beam, beer and sangria, more diving and snorkeling, wake boarding, eating Kat's beautiful food. including the Mahi Mahi - which I did wonder if it was poisoned but worth the risk as it was delicious!

We finally figured out what these 2 were up to. They were after fun and adventure and want everyone around them to feel the same. They made us feel very welcome from Day Rum and we look forward to seeing them again in Sydney. Cheers guys! Rachelle & Brian.

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