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A blog account of the activities of yacht GHOST.
Reality bites!!
01 February 2011 | Melbourne
It's been a while since we updated the blog. Apologies for that but we've been busy fighting off the onslaught of reality, not really wanting to admit it's over! After arriving it was the welcome party in Sydney, followed by a hectic week of moving ALL our personal stuff off GHOST. On a side note, it must be said it was simply amazing how much she carried for us (we estimate a couple of tonnes) and did so without complaining, remaining so very seaworthy, manoeuvrable and frisky (after all she won the Tonga in-port race!!) all the while rising effortlessly over and around everything that 26,000 miles of ocean threw at her. What a girl!

So then it was on to Xmas when Kat and I broke some 950 odd days living in each other's back pockets and not spending a night apart as we both wanted/needed to spend Xmas with our respective parents, so she flew to the UK mid Dec and I followed on the 26th. She experienced some of the coldest weather on record in the UK while I got to watch the Australian cricket team fall apart! Next we broke another long-time record and hit the slopes snowboarding in France, something we hadn't done since early 2008. God we love that sport!

Then back to Oz by mid Jan, where a good mate got married so we have managed to step from one holiday to the next, one party/social event to another. However, no matter how quickly we move, reality has finally caught up with us. The big news is that we are now going to be based in Melbourne. First expectations were that we'd be in Sydney, close to the harbour/Pittwater and sailing. But Kat accepted a job with Deloitte down here in Melbourne (in fact started work this week) and so the plans changed. Since then we have brought a house, a car and shortly hope to get a new puppy. We are truly becoming landlubbers. But every cloud has a silver lining, we have lots of good mates in Melbourne, my Mum and Dad are here and the new house is a little over a kilometre from the beach and about 1.5 from Sandringham yacht club so while there is little to no cruising on Port Philip Bay, there is plenty of competitive racing, which I'll be sure to get stuck into.

Life is good; we've experienced something that few get the chance to. We've met people who will be lifelong mates. We've shared years together as a young couple that have tested us, taught us and given us the skills and given us the foundations to do whatever we want. And better still we did it at an age that means we can do it all again, and indeed we will, but next time it'll be different; on a Catamaran, with kids, potentially with a little less alcohol, but happen it will and next time we'll be going the whole way round!

We've been blown away by how many people followed our blog, took an interest in our lives and what we've been doing. While there isn't much more that we can add to this blog it is our hope that we can keep it until next time so don't remove it from your bookmark/favourite lists just yet!!
Meryon Bridges
17 October 2011 12:54:44Z
Hi, Brad and Kat, We met in Curacao (I was on Ares). We're coming to Oz in Apr/May 2012 and it would be great to catch up if you're around. Best wishes Meryon
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