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Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net/Great Lakes MM Net
Great Lakes Ham Radio Net. A Good Samaritan HF SSB and VHF amateur radio net and smart phone Skype net for all mariners on the Great Lakes. Times/Frequencies: Weekend mornings 08:30 Eastern - 7.268 MHz LSB and on Echolink, IRLP and Skype.

Port: Great Lakes, Canada and the USA
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America's Cup Chicago, June 10-12 2016
05/15/2016, Chicago

We will be there !

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2016 Boating season
03/15/2015, Chicago

The Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net will be active again this coming sailing
season on the times and frequencies as specified above.

All other times, Please check in to the Waterway Radio net preceding
this net on the same HF frequency, i.e. 7.268 MHz LSB.
The Midwest Amateur Radio Net (MIDCARS), is available to handle any emergencies during the course of the morning on 7.258 MHz LSB.
The 68 Group net is available during the afternoon back here on
7.268 MHz LSB.

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Listen to the net via
03/13/2015, Chicago

Listen to the net via our VHF link to the WA9ORC 2M FM repeater in downtown Chicago. Frequency 146.760 MHz, PL 107.2 This repeater transmits with 200W from the top of the AON (old AMOCO) building, giving us a range of about 50 NM into southern Lake Michigan. This covers all the Greater Chicago area marinas with about 7000 boats. Various receive sites are spaced around the Lake.

Download the free RCForb client software from and connect to the Great lakes Marine Mobile Net.

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Listen to the net on HF SSB via Web SDR
03/12/2015, Michigan

Listen to the net from your computer or IPad via this Web Software Defined Radio in Michigan.
No license needed.
Enable in your Java App.
Click on the "Mobile version" for your smart phone or IPad.
Click on iOS Audio Start.
Spread the waterfall.
Type in 7268.
Set LSB.
Slide the waterfall or cursor if necessary to achieve clear speech audio.
Listen here

Port Huron area Marine VHF scan.
Click here

Detroit River area Marine VHF scan.
Click here

Lake Michigan South shore marine VHF scan.
Click here

St Mary's River and Soo Locks Marine VHF scan.
Click here

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Sailing the Apostle Islands, Lake Superior.
06/09/2013, Chicago

Dreamcatcher Sailing

The topic on The Joy Cardin Show this morning on Wisconsin Public Radio was great places to go sailing in and around Wisconsin. Joy talked with Capt. John Thiel, who runs Dream-catcher Sailing in the Apostle Islands. You can hear it online at the WPR audio archives here: (Search for "sailing".)

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All Stations please monitor 7.268 MHz LSB
04/21/2013, Chicago

Art, NK8X
Good suggestion from Art, NK8X:

We are requesting all stations to please monitor both Marine VHF Channel 16 (156.800 MHz FM) and Ham HF 7.268 MHz LSB after the net - 24/7 over weekends while on the boat or at home.
Local Ch 16 emergency traffic can then be relayed long distance via Ham HF.

This will greatly enhance boating safety on the Lakes by providing more listening ears.

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Great Lakes Marine/Maritime Mobile Net ( Radio Net for all boaters.
12/06/2011, Chicago


Great Lakes Marine/Maritime Mobile Net.

Great Lakes Ham Radio Net. A Good Samaritan weekend HF SSB and VHF amateur radio net for all mariners on the Great Lakes.
HF SSB : Weekend mornings 08:30 Eastern - 7.268 MHz LSB. (Alternatively 7.245 MHz LSB)
All frequencies are +/- interference.

VHF FM : Simultaneous session on the WA9ORC 2M Chicagoland Echolink-enabled repeater on 146.760 MHz FM (PL 107.2), node # 62478, during the net. One of the antennas is on top of the AON (old Amoco) Building. Please disconnect after the QSO.
We also have Skype for worldwide HF phone patches and Echolink, for full coverage VHF communications. In addition we are fully conversant and proficient with WINMOR HF email, and can enter position reports into the Winlink 2000 system.

Connect to our Net Control Stations during the net via VHF Echolink or IRLP. (See the Echolink and IRLP maps.)
KC9SGV, Echolink node# 528436 or 516288
IRLP node is Reflector # 9619 (Great Lakes Reflector), or # 8053 (our very own node at KC9SGV)
KG9B, Echolink node# 302936

All stations are requested to loosely monitor 7.268 MHz LSB after net hours 24/7 on weekends for any emergency calls.

Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net
Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net
GLMMNet Echolink and IRLP nodes
Echolink and IRLP nodes around the Great Lakes.

Node Information:
Download Google Earth here:
Google Earth
Download these APPS:
Echolink Nodes
IRLP Nodes
Open Google Earth.
Scroll to the Great Lakes.
Click on the markers for more information.
Before exiting:
Click on "View">"Make this my start location".
Upon exiting:
Save to "My places".

The Echolink APP can be used to connect to us right here in the shack via KC9SGV-L. (Ham license is required.)
Use the Echolink and IRLP repeater position APPS for Iphone and Android phones.

Use the Skype APP for Iphone and Android to connect to us - KC9SGV Remote. (No license required.)
3G and 4G range on the Lakes is about 3 to 5 miles offshore.
For longer ranges, Ham VHF/UHF and HF is required.

Scanner radio
Use the free Scanner Radio APP on your iPhone or Android device to listen to the net and to monitor the radio after the net.
We also webcast the whole net (with all audio feeds) live on
Additionally, you can also use the free Iphone or Android APP for Ustream on your mobile phone.
Or you can use your computer with Flash.
Search on Ustream for KC9SGV or Great Lakes Ham Radio.
GLMMNet simulcast and podcast - Click here

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Other Radios around the Great Lakes
12/01/2011, Chicago

See these additional radios and radio nets around the Great Lakes.
These work in co-operation with the Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net to effect total communications.

S.S. Keewatin Ham Radio station - VA3VGC.
S.S. Keewatin - Click Here

Columbia Yacht Club Radio Station
Columbia Yacht Club Amateur Radio Society by W9LT and others:
COLYC Radio Station - Click Here

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