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Glory Days
Another passage
Wayne Lee
04/26/2013, Fort Lauderdale

Leaving for St. Thomas in the morning. Will be making passage from there to Grenada with 4 friends. The boat is Desirade, a 48 foot 1969 Hinckley Yawl. Will try to blog from the boat over the satphonel

Back aboard Wiki Wiki
Wayne Lee / Cool, overcast
07/01/2011, Bergan, Norway

Back aboard Wiki Wiki in Norway. Arrived yesterday with my wife Carolyn. Will cruise with John and Mary for about 10 days. Great memories on this boat....Maine, Spain, Holland, Bermuda-Virgin Islands, Scotland, Transatlantic, and now Norway. Great to have friends like John and Mary. Also, cruised Turkey with them, just not on Wiki Wiki.

Stay tuned for some photos.

Blog Revision
04/24/2011, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Last year I started this blog as I began to embark on a transatlantic passage with my good friends, John, Peter, Ted, and Dean. At the time, I set the page up to showcase John's beautiful "Wiki Wiki". That was a successful passage and a pretty satisfying blog experience.

Now, I want to continue to blog, but feel that it's fair to build it around my boat, Glory Days. So, have changed the intro photo and page name to reflect some of my travels aboard Glory Days and other boats. This will allow me a bit more latitude to ramble on. My blog posts for Maine to Scotland are still in place if you would like to see them.

Plans for this summer are to take Glory Days to Nassau to link up with my good friend Tom Carpenter aboard his Bermuda-40, Larkspur, and help him celebrate his wife's birthday (Dianne). From there, plan to take the boat to the Abacos and leave her there for the season. The following month, Carolyn and I will join John and Mary aboard Wiki Wiki to sail some of the coast of Norway.

Stay tuned......

Maine to Scotland - Day #18
Wayne - aboard Wiki Wiki
06/18/2010, 56 25'N:5 30'W, Scotland

Seas are calm, fenders are out, lines are on. We're flat and level at the dock. Scotland. This will be short.

We saw land yesterday, and 10 hours later we docked. We were all pleased.

Just want to tell all of you how much I've enjoyed doing these postings and then hearing from you. You've all been great, and very reassuring to know you were out there watching. Carolyn and our friends Stacy and Dave Reilly will be here tomorrow, and after a drunken reunion, we'll start to explore Scotland. I may continue some postings during that time, but not sure. In case anyone does continue to look, I will be posting more photos in the library.

A special thanks to John and Mary Treanor for making this trip possible for all of us. Also, if Wiki Wiki can hear me, I want to thank her for ferrying us here in such comfort and safety. There was never any doubt. Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to my fellow crewmates (Peter, Ted, and Dean) for their humor, durability, and selflessness (I didn't have to go on the foredeck).

It should be noted that our passage time (17 days plus a few hours) is very fast through this northern route. We owe that to John and his clear competence and desire to keep the boat moving. It's a pleasure to have been associated with such a quality passage.

Stay tuned.

Wayne ....aboard Wiki Wiki (at the dock, in Scotland)

06/18/2010 | Paul Rogers
Wiki Wiki! Congratulations on a successful crossing. We just saw this blog today as we posted our latest entry. John and Mary we will see you in July for the cruise!
Marty & Paul
06/29/2010 | Andy
Congratulations again, and many thanks for the photo of Ladybird in the Sound of Kerrera.

Andy (Ladybird of Rhu)
Maine to Scotland - Day #17/18 #2
Wayne - aboard Wiki Wiki
06/17/2010, 56 05'N:06 40'W, Land Ho

We can see Scotland.

Wayne ....aboard Wiki Wiki

06/17/2010 | Caeli
Amen! Life is Good!
06/17/2010 | mo reilly
Dave and I can't tell you how much we enjoyed and appreciated being a part of your journey, albeit vicariously. Have a wonderful time in Scotland..
hugs to all
06/17/2010 | Sue and Andre
Hello Boys! If you can see Scotland you need a couple of UK expressions to use when you hit land (so to speak) What ho! and Right ho!and if you see Scotland you have already used Land Ho! Can't say how much we've enjoyed following you across the Atlantic. Sue Kightlinger (Mary's sister)
06/17/2010 | Rhea Lee Ward
What a journey! I've looked forward to every day (from a great distance) but you, Wayne, made it come alive for all of us following along. Enjoy your time in Scotland.
Rhea Lee (Mary's other sister)
06/18/2010 | Mary Treanor
"We can see Scotland" said it all for me. I could see confetti, balloons, campaign, happy sailors, happy wives, happy families and happy friends. Congratulations on a journey made in exceptional style. Love, Mary
Maine to Scotland - Day #17/18
Wayne - aboard Wiki Wiki
06/17/2010, 56 01'N:07 20'W, Entering Scottish territorial waters

Today is a "yea/boo". Yea, we've seen land, and will be in harbor tonight. Boo, it's over.

What an extraordinary passage. Superb vessel, seasoned leadership and crew, excellent food and drink through the high latitudes of the North Atlantic......non-stop for almost 3000 miles on a small boat. It certainly qualifies as a BO (big one) for me....actually, for all of us. I never hesitated when asked if I would like to go. The only thing I needed was my wife's blessing....and she gave it readily and with enthusiasm. I/we owe her/them for that. After that, I was the moth and I could see the flame. Fortunately, the Gods have smiled on us and we have not been burned.

On the "yea" side....we found land. Ultimately, that is always the quintessential goal for a sailor. With any luck, what we believe is just up ahead will be Scotland. If not, we'll adapt.

One requirement for a passage like this that I would not have listed if asked is a significant portion of "geezerhood". Old guys with their memories mostly intact. There is a lot of cockpit and cocktail time to fill. You need a LOT of stories. We were fortunate to have plenty.

One of the great benefits for me, is that I am now on the road to "chefdom". I've made brownies, bread, and boiled spaghetti. New horizons have been opened. My sincere thanks to Billy and Peter.

Along the way, we've also made some new friends and have been the benefactors of some of our friendships. Several of you have "pitched in" to help solve the radar problem. Charmingly, the mother of one of my good friends, Dave Reilly, called Garmin herself as soon as she heard of our predicament. Thank you, Mo. Also, thanks to all of you that have tried to assist on our behalf.

One or our "new friends" is Charles LeBlanc. Charles lives in Nova Scotia and engaged us via email after spotting our blog. Since then, he has followed us closely and offered information and world news and sports on regular basis. He is currently postitioning himself for a new C&C. I look forward to staying in touch with him. Thanks Charles.

Stay tuned.

Wayne...aboard Wiki Wiki (entering the territorial waters of Scotland...yea/boo)

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