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Gone Native Cuisine
By Capt. Desiree
04/12/2009, North of Chamela, Mexico, Pacific Ocean

Of late we are spending more hours at sea than we choose to in order to make our arrival date. We are actually about 70-80% at seas these days, realizing how extensive Mexico really is. We feel fortunate when we drop anchor to catch up on a full nights' sleep, otherwise we are pounding up the coast for days at a time.

The seas have been varied. Often we are blasted with 25 knots on our nose, and creeping northward at a sluggish 2 knots. However, whether it's a day of slugging up wind (the majority of the time lately), or a calm breeze, meals are consumed. The rough days can consist of salty snacks or Homer (The Simpson's) food, but other evenings a special entrée is served. In fact, the fish above was caught off Costa Rica, and frozen immediately to retain its fresh flavor. I opened the refrigerator, saw what zest and savors were available, and...voila! As I have said before, no one would ever have considered me a cook, but with no roasted chickens or take-out available, you get creative. Ryan and Wesley now consider me quite the cook, but I just don't know how I will be able to keep on the chef's hat once we return to Ventura. Hopefully, I will keep up a few tricks up my sleeve, and serve some special served entrees on Beachmont.

Tropical Treats
by Capts. Dave and Desiree
04/08/2009, Bahia Tenacatita, Mexico

We had been told by Bill our former crew member not to miss the jungle river dinghy trip out of Bahia Tenacatita, so how could we pass up this adventure? Ryan and Wesley are the story tellers for this adventure, so

Check out the "Sailing Twins"

However, we could not resist showing the twins' delectable delight on the beach at the end of the water cruise.

The Early Morning Shift
By Capts. Dave and Desiree
04/07/2009, North of Bahia Navidad, Mexico, Pacific Ocean

Just to show you, there is ALWAYS some one on shift, even if it is just one eyeball on watch out of four.

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