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A Stop at One More Island
by Capts. Dave and Desiree
05/04/2009, Avalon, Catalina Island

A direct route as the crow flies from San Diego to Ventura is approximately 140 miles, and conveniently, Santa Catalina Island is at the midpoint. We left San Diego at 10pm, for our last overnighter to arrive in daylight hours to Catalina. None of us would feel a loss after this last evening venture to be now able to sleep completely through the night.

We arrived early afternoon, and were impressed by their very simple and functional mooring system. The crew certainly felt like they were getting off easy situating the boat. We took the dinghy onto shore, and enjoyed walking around the island and getting into the cruising mode for probably the last time of this trip.

With our bellies full (Desiree was happy---no chopping, cooking or cleanup!), we returned to the boat as the sun was setting. Ryan and Wesley took a pose with the casino in the twilight hue that has been an icon of Catalina Island for years. Both Dave and I have childhood memories of this place, so it was quite a special moment to see our children with the casino in the background.

by Capts. Dave and Desiree
05/01/2009, Calabasas, California

After an evening of settling at Silver Gate Marina, we rented a car and took a road trip to Legoland. Ryan and Wesley have continued enjoying their passion of creating incredible models of legos. In fact, since our last crewmember Bill has departed, Ryan and Wesley have converted his cabin into their own "personal" Legoland. Whenever possible, they spend hours making innovative creations. With the real Legoland just forty miles north of us, we could not resist the opportunity to visit.

The first Legoland was built in Denmark in 1968, the native country where the master, Ole Kirk Christiansen, first designed and produced the toy. The Legoland in Calabasas was built in 1999, and we figured the first time we came as a family was probably in 2000. Every time we have visited, we ALL have had a marvelous time.

The models throughout the park are incredible. The photo above is from an area representing a cross-section of America. We could not resist standing by the lego masterpiece representing the Santa Barbara mission. In a sense, it was our closest encounter yet to Ventura.

Gone Native Arrives in San Diego
by Capts. Dave and Desiree
04/30/2009, Silver Gate Marina, San Diego

After checking in through customs that morning, Dave did a magnificent job "shoe horning" the Gone Native on to the dock. They were not use to having catamarans in their marina, but the wind being calm allowed us to dock the boat readily. Silver Gate has reciprocity with the Ventura Yacht Club, and the people here have been kind and those walking the docks have been curious and interested in our adventure. We are enjoying our few days here, and it only makes us more excited for our anticipated arrival to our hometown and the Ventura Yacht Club.

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