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Gone surfing... svFreedom
06/20/2011, Lono Harbor

Setting off from Maui, we had to brave yet another channel crossing, with the gusty trades blowing, to reach our next Hawaiian island: Molokai. The photo above is of us just off Maui with a furled headsail and double reefed mainsail in 25kt+ winds, making way just fine. Mostly downwind, the ride was a little rolly, but again, being able to furl the headsail is proving to be a godsend when conditions worsen.

Arriving in Molokai, we found mostly a deserted harbor that we had to ourselves, and the pesky bees that welcomed us and quickly moved aboard to pester us during daylight hours. So, we found ways to be off the boat, beachcombing, surfing the breakwater, beachside yoga, hill hiking, and leaping-off-the-boat games to keep ourselves entertained. But after a few days we were ready to move on, cross another channel, and get onto Oahu, where we currently find ourselves enjoying the marina life in Waikiki.

In Lahaina
06/11/2011, Maui!!!

Good surf & great friends. Does it surprise you that our planned weekend stop here lasted over 2 weeks? We are having so much fun, we find it hard to leave. It turns out that 3 good surf friends from the Pedro high school days live here and shared with us so much Aloha Spirit we just can't move on. We've had day after day of fun waves and we've been BBQing up a storm each evening with our good friends from Pedro: Pete Sebastian, Theo Murphy, & Kevin Garnier. Its like old times, dawn patrolling the surf, big meals with friends, late nights, songs, music & lots of laughs.

For the first time in two years, we're in a marina slip with shore power & running water, what a luxury!Even better, there are four fun surf spots within paddling or walking distance from the boat. Waters are so warm and one area is perfect for beginners, so Kelita has been sharpening her surfing skills and shredding the waves everyday, as you can see in the photo above. To her right is our new crew member, Raymond Fowler, who is also mastering his surf skills. Ray sailed with Rob for years before setting out from CA and will be crewing with us back to California when we cross the Pacific in July.

So, up next is a quiet little harbor on Molokai where we'll spend a few days relaxing and surfing the waves just outside. Then, we're off to the big city, Waikiki, Oahu to prep for our crossing. We'll check in from there next. Hugs, Kelita & Robert.

06/13/2011 | Sidewinder
Sounds like Maui has treated you right !! We are in Musket Cove, Fiji which is a 20 min. dingy ride to Tavarua and a more user friendly wave in a pass near there. Great weather, new friends to surf with and as you say, "loving life !!" Good luck on the crossing. D&S
Our Days in Hilo
05/19/2011, Hilo Bay, Big Island Hawaii

WOW, where has the time gone! The weeks & months have flown by as we've thoroughly enjoyed our times here on the Big Island.

But one the greatest things about our stay here is that we have been able to share our adventures with family members. Both our Moms and even Rob's Dad have come out to participate in the fun with us. We attended the Merrie Monarch Festival (legendary Hawaiian hula competition) 3 out of 4 nights. And along the way, we've made so many great friends. So much kindness has been showered upon us we can't even begin to explain it all.

We've also used this time to give svFreedom some much needed love, repairs & improvements. All the standing rigging has been replaced, we've added roller furling for the headsail, installed an AIS system and more. But, between boat projects, activities, surfing & get-togethers, we've been busy pretty much everyday.

But now we're pulling up anchor sailing to the other islands. Maui is up next as we work our way to Oahu, where we'll prep the boat for our return to CA. Miss you all, hugs from Hawaii. R&K.

06/23/2011 | isabelle
Hey youz,

Beautiful picture above, it's great to be reading your blog again :)

Is and Jamie
Merry Christmas!!
12/23/2010, Hilo, Hawaii

Wow, where to begin. Our days in Hawaii have been a delight, to say the least. The kindness of friends, both new and old, have made for incredible times here. Our long time friend, John Gibbons in picture with us above, has put us up in a spare jungle house, just up the road from the beach. He's even set us up with a car so we are mobile to explore and adventure as we wish. We've also been working with John to harvest the fresh fruits on the orchards he maintains. The bounty of the land has been so remarkably generous, we almost don't need to visit the supermarket. We've pretty much have an all you can eat supply of avocados, oranges, lemons, passion fruit, rambutan, tangerines, bananas, grapefruit, and more... This gorilla farming is fun stuff.

Also making our time here special is the fact that family has been able to fly in and visit us. Being able to explore and experience this island with them has been treat. Together, we've trek'ed the lava fields to see it flow into the ocean, we've soaked in oceanside warm ponds, we enjoyed Thanksgiving on the beach, we taught Kelita's mom how to swim in the ocean and even boogie board, we've hike botanical gardens, and have enjoyed every day here in Hawaii. We wish we could do more to share these adventures with those who are not here, other than by blogging & posting pics.

Looking back, it's hard to believe this adventurous year is about over. We left Ecuador in February for the Galapagos, then a completed a 3,000 mile run to the Marquesas, followed by hopping thru the Tuomotu atolls, then an extended stay in the Society Islands of Tahiti, and finally a 2,000 mile run north here to Hawaii. It's been more than 2 years now since we set off into the Pacific from our sleepy little home town in San Pedro, CA. Just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2011.

12/24/2010 | Michael Rabaca
Mele Kalikimaka Robert and Kelita

12/25/2010 | Kat
12/25/2010 | Ron & Mary Paris
Manuia le kilisimasi Robert & Kalita. What a wonderful blessing to have traveled with you through your pictures!!!!. Beautiful pictures of Hawaii, Mom and temple. Kalita your pics of beautiful flowers of Hawaii are as beautiful as you and as good looking aslo as Robert!!!!. Look forward to seeing u guys. Have a wonderful and joyful remaining days of your journey til your return.

Alofa tele
Ron & Mary
to Hawaii
11/11/2010, arrived in Hilo, the Big Island

What a challenging run this turned out to be. It took us 31 days to cover 2,300 miles, sailing almost due north from latitude 16.5South (Raiatea, Tahiti) to 19.5North (Hawaii). What really slowed us down was some rigging repair that kept us hove to for two days. Following that, we proceeded cautiously with reefed sails and crawled our way up to Hawaii. However, we did eat well, having caught two 20lb Mahi Mahi along the way. And for the first time, we had a pet onboard that kept us well entertained. Before we left Bora Bora, a gecko climbed aboard and lived in our aloe plant, eating little fruit flys during the entire crossing.

Now were snugly tied to the quay in Hilo, the big island, in awe of the beauty, fresh fruits, and modern conveniences of Hawaii. Its been 2 years since our boat has been in an American port and it is an interesting delight to be in familiar territory. We'll be based here for the Winter and Spring to enjoy these islands during the non-hurricane season.

11/12/2010 | Isabelle
Well done! How exciting. Funny timing because we just arrived home too, yesterday! it feel amazing. Well done both of you!


issy and James
11/12/2010 | Jim Crane
Happy to hear you both safely arrived in Hawaii. Can't think of a better place to enjoy Winter and Spring!!
11/12/2010 | James & Tholla
Great to hear of your safe voyage, enjoy your time on the islands. Aloha!!!
11/12/2010 | Ron & Mary Paris
So very grateful to know you've made it safely. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and what a wonderful life. Enjoy hawaii. Your adventures make life a wonderful blessing!!
11/16/2010 | Randy and Kay Harwood
Soo good to see your smiling faces again living life to the fullest. Glad to hear you two and Freedom made the long voyage safe and sound. Sturdy old boat. FYI, that's the second time Freedom has sailed to Hawaii, last time was from SFO. Great pics!
Randy and Kay, svGrace
11/22/2010 | darusha
Wow. Sounds like a challenging run, indeed! Glad to hear you are well and happily in Hawaii.

We arrived in New Zealand yesterday after a 10 day run from Tonga. All is well on Scream, both of us are well and very happy to be here.

Enjoy the continued stay tropics, it's awfully cold once you get out of them!

Bora Bora Fishys
09/18/2010, Bora Bora

Some places are just too nice to move on quickly from. So, we've been lingering here, enjoying the tropical island lifestyle and swimming with the locals: turtles, rays, fishys & sharks. We're heading North for Hawaii soon, will post again when we arrive. R&K!

09/20/2010 | Ron & Mary Paris
Talofa Rob & Kalita,

Oh how beautiful the photos you've shared with us. As beautiful as the two of you. So happy you are having a wonderful and blessed journey. Now I know why the polynesians treasured the turtles so much. Thats a beauty. Be safe on your continued adventure.

Ron & Mary
10/03/2010 | Isabelle Chigros-Fraser
We found it hard to leave too. We both hope you have a safe sail back to Hawaii.


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