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Good Trade
A Month in Review
07/17/2012, Merlin, Or

Upon arriving in Bend, our hometown, we got straight to visiting friends and work. We ordered clothes for our ever growing 12 year old. Got the mail, what I really got was the junk mail. Why can't we get this crap stopped, the box was 99% full of junk. The other one percent was a note mentioning we needed to pay our water bill, or they would be sending us to collections OOOOPS! It was then off to find a tenant for our house, which we managed to do in three days with some help of friends. Thanks Guys! The management company couldn't get it done so we did it ourselves. What's the saying? If something is worth doing, do it yourself. Definitely true! We then turned south to Petaluma to surprise my mom for her birthday and visit and recreate with some friends. Our first day was a trip to San Francisco on the Larkspur Ferry for some Chinese food in China Town, a great walk through North Beach for espresso, a climb up to Coit Tower returning in time to catch our ferry back across the San Francisco Bay. The next day we went to Dillon Beach for some skim boarding, smash ball and beach soccer. We capped our recreating off with a trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. We rode roller coasters until we all were wiped out. It was great to see my mom and dad and spend some time with them. Kyler loved the special day of baking shortbread, minced pies and brownies with both of them. We then headed North and camped a night at Sims Flat on the Upper Sacramento River. Then continued North to the small community of Galice on the Rogue River where we are now waiting for a raft permit which will allow us to raft the wild and scenic portion of the Rogue River, a three-day trip for us.

Good Trade

07/17/2012 | miloWeasel
Hey Kyler, the weasels and I just finished the latest Angry Bird Space levels. Have you?????
08/16/2012 | Peter Sutton
Hi Ross,
I met you and Ashlynn @ Sims after admiring your fancy rig sometime in July...- I'm the shingling contractor from Petaluma. Just wanted to say Hi and wish you guys a fabulous time on the Rogue!
Heading Home
06/17/2012, Bend, Oregon

We were picked up from Good Trade by yellow cab and delivered to the Wilmington, NC airport. It was an uneasy feeling to see Good Trade left behind, but we feel that Good Trade is so safe in the hands of Bennett Brothers Yachts. Thanks for all your help. We flew all day to get to our next home. Now, you might be thinking another home...well it's the van for the next four months. Our plans are to catch up with our friends, visit family in California, fly fish in the mountains and go rafting.

Good Trade

06/28/2012 | annie & liam
hi from gone with the wind. glad you had a fabulous season. hope our wakes cross again next year.
06/16/2012, Wilmington, North Carolina

We completed all the work necessary and had Good Trade hauled. No one would park our house so Kyler did it for us. Not really Al from Bennett Brothers is hidden behind the scene.

Good Trade

07/06/2012 | Steve
Kyler is our #1 lift operator, he said he was 19 years old......
A Pleasant Surprise
06/09/2012, Wilmington, North Carolina

We arrived at Bennett Brothers Yachts up the Cape Fear River where we will haul Good Trade. WOW! What a fantastic place. We did not know what to expect, but are more than happily surprised. The floating docks are immaculate. The lift is 24 feet wide that handles our width. All the people here from Steve, Tricia, Al, Chris and Brian are so helpful and knowledgeable. This is definitely the place to haul for the hurricane season and have work done if you are a catamaran or a monohull .

Good Trade

06/06/2012, Georgetown, North Carolina

The wind isn't going our way so we decided to see some of the ICW that we missed on the way south last year. We left Charleston on the high tide and covered 60 miles to Georgetown, dropped the hook and went exploring the sleepy little waterfront. We picked up some fresh calamari and shrimp at the waterfront independently owned fish market. That has the fishing fleet tied up out front. I love these fish markets and the waterfront dining.

Good Trade

Preparing for Hard Times
06/03/2012, Charleston, South Carolina

We managed to get a slip at the Charleston Maritime Center, which has free laundry, wi-fi and is a short walk to downtown... what a treat. We have decided to spend three nights here getting some of our pre-haul work done, eating some good food, enjoying the city and waiting for favorable winds to sail north.

The above picture reminds me of how far we have come in a just 11months. When we bought Good Trade we didn't know the first thing about a boat. I don't remember a lot about the first months other than feeling so overwhelmed and wondering daily if I had made the worst mistake in convincing the family that we could do this. We did not know how to sail, so we took sailing lessons while living on Good Trade tied to the dock. Tonight, we are heading into a class A channel in the dark with freighters coming and going. If you had asked us to do this a year ago we would have laughed and never put ourselves in a position that we would be entering ANYTHING in the dark. We have definitely had our moments from Ashlyne almost falling off the bow while trying to reach a mooring buoy to me falling in the water while stepping into the dinghy. And plenty of other oops while making our way south that has made memories and taught us the hard way about Mother Nature. We learned quickly about anchoring on the right side of the island because of wind and chop, opening the spinlocks when raising or lowering our sails so you don't bust your line (thanks Ashlyne), remembering that you are not stronger than the winch and that you cannot hold your sail by it's sheet in the wind...I could go on and on. We are stronger now as a family and I have realized that the challenge I posed to my family 11 months ago is a good one. I am already looking forward to clear water and sand between my toes.

Good Trade

06/02/2012, Charleston, South Carolina

The crossing was a great experience for us. Mother Nature, of course, threw everything she had at us from no wind to squalls and lightening, which was way too close for comfort. We used every sail in our arsenal including our spinnaker, my favorite. The wind was shifting all day and night and required many sail changes. The seas were unsettled the whole trip and began to build a day and a half before our estimated arrival time in Southport, North Carolina. The winds were shifting to the North and the idea of going to windward in these conditions was unappealing. The Good Trade crew voted unanimously to head for Charleston, South Carolina. As soon as we altered course for Charleston the dolphins came to visit, putting smiles on all our faces. We took this as a good sign. We entered the channel at 1am and had a lot of freighter and barge traffic. YIKES! The lights were dizzying, we haven't seen this many lights in six months. We dropped the hook behind Crab Bank and went to bed exhausted.

Good Trade

Weather Window
05/29/2012, Powell Cay, Abaco Islands

We feel as though Mother Nature would like us to come visit the Abaco Islands again someday and we have decided to listen to her. We have had tough weather since we arrived in the Abacos and the Good Trade crew has unanimously voted to head North West to North Carolina where we will put Good Trade on the hard and head home for the summer. We have been doing a lot of weather watching and have decided to make a run for North Carolina leaving tomorrow. We are excited to get moving and sail, but are sorry to be saying goodbye to our friends on Anastasia. We have had some amazing times with Maxwell and Jen and hope our paths will cross again someday soon.

Good Trade

06/28/2012 | annie nicholls
hi from gone with the wind. hey kyler you look right st home there. daryl and annie had better look out!

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