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Graf Spee
2 hoots and a thank you!
06/27/2010, Port philip bay

respectful of big ships in the shipping channel, john was thrilled to get '2 hoots' from this ship as we sailed outside the south channel on monday as we headed back to melbourne - as we were the only vessel of potential concern jb is convinced it was for us.

why land is boring
06/27/2010, port philip bay - yes it's true!

and some more.........................

dk down below
06/27/2010, port philip bay

ok, i do love the galley, especially the gimbled stove - such entertainment!
schnitzels on the go, salsa in the making.

heading back to melb from queenscliff weekend
06/27/2010, port philip bay

well, after a great long weekend, paul, john and myself headed back from blairgowrie on monday. we skirted the south channel and had a fantastic sunny warmish (for winter!) day, our main problem was the lack of wind - 3 kn if you coughed!
so we turned on the iron headsail and made the most of the day. decided that homemade chicken schnitzels with homemade mayo and a salsa would be the go for lunch. quite like cooking down below, although john's challenge is to cook a roast lunch in more challenging conditions!!

I also had no excuse for not using the camera so a few from the day have been included - port philip bay at its best?

Queenscliff long weekend adventure - 12-14 june 2010
dk- fine, cold winds 15-20 knots
06/26/2010, Victoria, Australia

Packed up saturday morning with Paul and John to head off to Queenscliff for the long weekend with a day sail in bass strait on the sunday.
Made sure that we had plenty of great food - must keep crew happy!
Weather was quite mild for winter, had good conditions for our arrival at Queenscliff, looking forward to a great dinner as our reward at the local pub in Queenscliff.

Sunday morning set off at a respectable hour to head out to bass strait and through 'the rip', full of anticipation! Having navigated 'the rip' headed towards Torquay with a swell of about 2 metres and the support of a few brazen albatross - johns intrepid research reveals that they were in fact 'shy albatross's although not quite so shy - magnificent gliders as they came in along side us as we headed down the coast.
spent the afternoon learning to ride the swells as we explored the coast.
headed back into queenslciff to discover what the rip is like at a flood tide - messy is the best description, I have never anything like it! from flat and glassy to sections of whirlpool with pockets of boiling water, it was quite extraordinary to see such variation in the one area.

spend sunday night tucked up at the blairgowrie yacht squadron which was serene and peaceful - it is great to wake up and realise that you cannot see melbourne! cooked a great roast and really enjoyed a great evening.

queenscliff weekend - heading home with paul and john
06/14/2010, in the bay!

a moment with the crew - paul and john after lunch?

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