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Let the fun begin!
Light rain and +6C
11/14/2009, Ottawa, Canada

After a busy summer the time has arrived to plan our voyage south and avoid the joys of the Canadian winter!

It's been a VERY busy time in Canada this summer with too many activities and not enough quiet time at the lake.

Our son, Marc-Andre, decided in May to quit his job, rent his trendy Westboro condo, and catch a bus to New York City to seek his fame and fortune in the BIG APPLE in the field of computer animation. As luck would have it, he has landed on his feet with a great position working for 1st Avenue Machine ( working insane hours and living in a loft apartment in Soho, NYC in the heart of the monster.

June was spent working 60 hours per week at the lake replacing parts of the dock, installing outdoor shower, new hot water tank, new flower beds, new sculptures for the forest, work on the sawmill, fresh paint on the windows, working on the electric boat, cleaning up all the broken trees from the winter heavy snowfall, clotheslines, waterbox, etc. My nephew from Toronto (Morgan) spent a week at the lake with a friend (Alex) repairing roads, splitting wood, stacking, and doing some wakeboarding.

Our new friends from Manjack Cay in the Bahamas managed to join us at the lake for a couple of days and apart from the mosquitoes enjoyed themselves on their relaxed journey across eastern canada.

Our daughter (Anne-Marie) arrived home from Europe after a year studying in Lausanne, Switzerland, and doing some extensive travelling.... it's wonderful to have her home so that she can take over the care and feeding of her geckos.

Lots of work has been done at the factory in Perth ( with new landscaping, lighting, signage, parking lot painting, stairways, etc.

Now it's time to follow the geese and head south!

11/16/2009 | Barbara McIntyre
Great seeing you guys last night...look forward to sailling with you before too long!
An Invitation!
Always great!
04/12/2009, Lac-en-Coeur, Quebec

Upon reflection, I want to invite everyone who has followed our sailing adventure to visit us at our summer home in the wilds of Quebec.

We have lots of space to accommodate 20+ people, and a wonderful clear, clean lake full of fish with all the water toys to explore the pristine natural environment.

We can be reached at: city (613) 232-1010 or lake: (819) 986-1994

Have a great spring/summer........


04/12/2009 | Keith
Great to have you home. I can just imagine Louise rushing into the studio just to get her hands back into the clay. I have enjoyed your blog as I did Madcaps .. I am now following another sailor in his fourth year of a round the world trip in a 35' wooden 1914 Teak Yawl (currently in Cuba). Unfortunately he only posts his position and not a blog of his experiences.
Hope to see you both over the summer .... Keith
10/07/2009 | Raymond
Hello Glen & Louise,

Great Pictures and wonderful blog. Although I have only been once to your wonderful lake home, I was in awe to the prestine views of this exclusive piece of land. Have a wonderful adventure and wishing you a safe, fun, and eventful Venture! Outward Bound!

Warmest Regards,

Back in Ottawa!
Cool and sunny!
04/12/2009, Echo Drive

So we're back in our home in Ottawa...............
What a wonderful vacation!

The trip north was more relaxing than our mad rush south in December, with a number of excellent hotels and restaurants.

We traveled north from Stuart, across Florida and Georgia, and hoped to stay in Hilton Head, South Carolina. We arrived at 4pm and discovered that the place is completely artificial without any architectural sense, and looks like it was made in Disneyland. We drove on to Beaufort, SC which is a spectacular 18th century seaport where we loved it.

Another day on the road brought us to Hopewell, Virginia, the site of General Grant's headquarters during the Civil War. Wonderful soft-shell crabs ( they're only in season one month a year).

Another day north brought us out of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and on to Ithaca, NY, the home of the Moosewood Restaurant, the source of the famous Moosewood Cookbooks, and an important venue for Louise. We dined at the holy spot, and had a wonderful room in a nearby B&B. We'll return in the fall for the famous Cayuga Lake Wine Festival.

Another 4 hours brought us to Ottawa with our 500lbs of shells, sea-glass, coral, seeds, wine, cheese, etc.

The trip was a migratory experience with thousands of snowbirds (often in huge RV buses) streaming north towards the spring!

Back home we've had a day to do some shopping at our favorite shops and are delighted with the vast selection and quality!

It's great to be home, and Louise is looking forward to the attack on her garden!

This is probably my last posting................


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