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Hoping the good weather holds!
+8C...good for concrete!
11/17/2009, Mayo, Quebec

With four days left before our flight south, the usual mad scramble has commenced with trips to Perth, the cottage, the farm, the bank, doctors, dentists, vets, etc.

Somehow we'll survive and endure another mad scramble in Florida before our departure via freighter to the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas....

Our daughter Michelle is enjoying the process of raising the old farm house and building a new footing and foundation for her new home.

The weather has been unusually mild, so I'm hoping that things can get finished before the "white stuff" arrives....

I think I need a holiday!


Another project
Fog and light rain, +4C
11/15/2009, Mayo, Quebec

With less than a month left before our departure to the wonderful relaxed Bahamas, Louise and I decided to buy a farm.

It is only 30 minutes from Ottawa, on the way to our summer cottage, located just before the thriving metropolis of Mayo, Quebec (population 2).

The farmhouse features outdoor plumbing, outdoor electrical wiring, and no foundation..... a classic piece of Canadian history.... all original from late 1800's.

Work has begun, the building has been raised and a complete new footing and foundation will be poured this week. Our daughter Michelle has moved in with friends, and the plan is to completely renovate the house, barn, and outbuildings.

Goats, apple orchard, horses, chickens, dogs, cats.... good wine and good friends are planned.......never a dull moment!

It will be wonderful to walk the long beaches of the out islands!


11/16/2009 | Keith
Sorry that were were not able to take you up on your kind offer to visit you at the lake this summer ... don't know where the time went. We have just returned from our annual trek to the UK and just about over our jet-lag.
Somehow I do not see Louise sitting on a 3 legged stool milking cows on your new farm ... breeding pigs however thats a different story ... the Gray saga continues!

I look forward to following your blog as you head south again.

Keith and Olive
Let the fun begin!
Light rain and +6C
11/14/2009, Ottawa, Canada

After a busy summer the time has arrived to plan our voyage south and avoid the joys of the Canadian winter!

It's been a VERY busy time in Canada this summer with too many activities and not enough quiet time at the lake.

Our son, Marc-Andre, decided in May to quit his job, rent his trendy Westboro condo, and catch a bus to New York City to seek his fame and fortune in the BIG APPLE in the field of computer animation. As luck would have it, he has landed on his feet with a great position working for 1st Avenue Machine ( working insane hours and living in a loft apartment in Soho, NYC in the heart of the monster.

June was spent working 60 hours per week at the lake replacing parts of the dock, installing outdoor shower, new hot water tank, new flower beds, new sculptures for the forest, work on the sawmill, fresh paint on the windows, working on the electric boat, cleaning up all the broken trees from the winter heavy snowfall, clotheslines, waterbox, etc. My nephew from Toronto (Morgan) spent a week at the lake with a friend (Alex) repairing roads, splitting wood, stacking, and doing some wakeboarding.

Our new friends from Manjack Cay in the Bahamas managed to join us at the lake for a couple of days and apart from the mosquitoes enjoyed themselves on their relaxed journey across eastern canada.

Our daughter (Anne-Marie) arrived home from Europe after a year studying in Lausanne, Switzerland, and doing some extensive travelling.... it's wonderful to have her home so that she can take over the care and feeding of her geckos.

Lots of work has been done at the factory in Perth ( with new landscaping, lighting, signage, parking lot painting, stairways, etc.

Now it's time to follow the geese and head south!

11/16/2009 | Barbara McIntyre
Great seeing you guys last night...look forward to sailling with you before too long!

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