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More fun!
85F, blue skies.... not a cloud in sight!
12/03/2009, Black Sound on GTC

Well, the wind is blowing from the south at 20-25mph so we probably could have easily stayed on anchor.

Regardless, it's smoother sleeping in a protected harbour, and I've taken the opportunity to tear apart my Onan generator to fix the problem with not starting.

Working on this thing is much worse than an English sports car! Imagine a tiny Japanese diesel engine, surrounded by a sound-proof metal box, stuffed in a remote corner of the bottom of the boat, with the only access possible achieved by laying on your stomach, reaching forward into the darkness, groping for small metric bolts..... lot's of fun.

The repair job involves decoupling the entire generator, shifting it (~300lbs) sideways 2" to be able to undue the 8 bolts of the sound proof cover, remove the oil filter, and thread a 13mm socket past the fuel pump to access the two bolts which secure the starter.

Having removed the starter, I now need to disassemble it to grease it, and the bolts snap upon attempting it. Off to the marina to search for replacement bolts (8MM - 4" long).

It turns out that the starter was rusted, and the power cable to it was completely corroded. You cannot see the cable until you remove the starter.

Rebuilt the starter, purchase new cable from local marina, wire-brush and paint entire bottom end of generator, and order new starter from US to be delivered to Ottawa so that Anne-marie can bring it with her at Christmas.

While I await the paint to dry before the re-assembly Louise jumps on her bicycle and heads off to the ocean for a long swim/shower and relax on the beach.

Salt water is very corrosive, and I'll need to take a close look at all metal/electrical items on board... once things start to go, they go really fast.
Another lesson learned!

The freighter from WPB arrived this morning, two days late, while waiting for a weather window to make the crossing. I'm happy we were able to cross according to schedule.

Last night we enjoyed attending a wonderful "full moon party" on the beach at Green Turtle Cay, with several new friends and a few old ones. A lovely evening watching the big red ball rise out of the ocean!


December in the Bahamas!
Hot and awaiting the next weather front
12/01/2009, Black Sound on GTC

Another full sun day with blue skies and no wind.
Unfortunately there is heavy weather expected over the next 5 days with thundershowers and winds over 45mph... the front is expected to arrive this evening.

Reluctantly we left our anchorage at Manjack this morning at 8am in order to catch the high tide which allows us to "hide" in Black Sound, tied to a mooring ball, safe from whatever nature throws at us.

We'll do some cycling, visit with friends, add more provisions, and buy the necessary tools to allow me to attempt to un-seize the starting motor of the generator...given the generators location (buried in the bottom of the boat) this is not a task I am looking forward to.

With the full sun days we have had over the past four days, the solar panels have completely charged all of the batteries on board.

News from the farm in Quebec indicates that while the chimney has been replaced after the chimney fire, and the new foundation has been correctly installed complete with proper footings and foundation, drainage and foam insulation (thank you Andre), the latest problem is a completely full septic system which will need to be completely replaced. Our daughter, Michelle, is doing a wonderful job of managing things although I suspect having 4 people living in the farmhouse while the septic system is replaced may be challenging.

Never a dull moment!

I'll spend this morning purchasing all the necessary equipment to allow me to continue to provide fresh fish and lobster for our daily intake...

It's fun to learn new things and get closer to our natural environment.

I hear it's white in Ottawa.... is that true?


12/01/2009 | Keith
Glad to see you are on the high seas again and look forward to living your experiences through your log.

Had a great dinner with the Friday boys last week.

It is trying hard to snow here but touch wood (at least in the Westend) nothing is sticking yet but I know it won't be long.

Am also following Madcaps blog ... best wishes ..... Keith
12/01/2009 | Bruce & Linda
Glad to hear all is well. Sounds like Michelle is having even more adventures than you are. Just like when you were buying one window with each paycheck for the firehall!

Hope to get the films digitized before Christmas - they are in the shop now.

Enjoy the Norther - it helps you appreciate the warm sun even more.
Another day in Paradise
11/30/2009, Manjack Cay

We shared a wonderful dinner with old friends and new friends dining on the veranda, enjoying the sunset, a lovely smoked turkey surrounded by platters of food and good wine. A wonderful evening to be remembered!

We invited our hosts for breakfast this morning and after Louise's buckwheat crepes with maple syrup we all headed out to reef on the Atlantic side of the Cay as the weather was beautiful and the ocean calm.

Thanks to Bill's expert instruction and the perfect location I was successful in spearing two fish and two lobsters.

Dinner will be good tonight!


11/30/2009 | Beth and Jim
Glad to see you are well and truly in the Bahamas again. Enjoy every minute!! We are gradually making our way south. With luck we'll get a bit of an outside run on Tuesday.
12/01/2009 | Glen Gray
Hello Jim and Beth...

Enjoy the ride south and keep safe.
We'll be in the Abacos until early January when we hope to venture further south...

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