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No wind and sand fleas
Hot and NO WIND!
12/10/2009, Manjack Cay

It's hot and humid and both Louise and I are hiding below deck trying to avoid a billion no-see-ems which are vicious and obviously very hungry!

Yesterday was an interesting day.... I spent three hours in the afternoon, snorkelling for lobsters....

This task involves diving down to rocky caves located 4-6 meters below the surface, letting your eyes adjust to the darkness of the cave, and looking for the creature hiding in the back of the cave.

Once located, the spear is readied, and down you go again hoping the prey has not moved to another cave.

After three hours in the water, and hundreds of dives, I crawled back into the boat with every muscle in my body sore. I have not been so tired in the past twenty years. The top of my head is sunburnt, my arms, legs and joints are sore, blisters on my feet from the flippers, and we'll see how long it takes to fully recover.... I guess I'm not 30 years old anymore!

A party on shore is planned for this evening with the main event being the decoration of the Christmas tree ( a live 16' pine in a large pot specifically grown and trimmed for the purpose). We hope our friends GiGi and LuLu arrive on their boat from Florida in time for the event.

I sure hope the wind picks up.....

But fresh lobster for dinner was excellent...even though I went to bed at 8pm.

So there is going to be a party!
East winds!
12/08/2009, Manjack Cay

We spent this morning walking on the atlantic side of the Cay for 3 hours enjoying the white sand and complete absence of people.

We'll have to work our way up to this walking activity as both Louise and I are ready for a nap this afternoon..... it's not easy walking in powder white sand and uses different muscles that city walking...

This afternoon will be spent assembling our newly purchased pasta maker (hand operated) together with the ravioli maker in preparation for dinner this evening.... I'm also working on getting all of the speakers working on the stereo system.... seems salt air and stereos don't get along.

I visited the newnly purchased sailboat which I have posted a photo of... quite a good deal...

More sun, more lobster, more exercise.... we'll have a swim of of the back of the boat before our guests arrive.

Louise's only worry is finding the necessary cutlery and glasses for 8 people for dinner.... we'll need to improvise!


More beach!
still hot!
12/07/2009, Manjack Cay

With the newly repaired generator, we decided to watch a movie last night on our fancy flat screen TV. Thanks to my brother-in-law, Bruce, we have a reasonable collection of "classic" movies to watch over the next six months.

The movie was fine, but the batteries are not happy with the power drain... so the solar panels are OK for some things, but not everything.

Another day on the beach spent collecting shells and whale wax, together with beachcombing for new boat hardware...

Our neighbours, Bill & Leslie, just purchased an older Pearson 34' sloop in reasonable shape for $4500 at Green Turtle Cay which they plan on using as a guest cabin for visiting friends and family.... only in the Bahamas...

More lobsters and fish, and Louise has started working on the home-made ravioli for tomorrow's dinner....

Light winds and a soft slapping of the waves on the hull..........


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