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A quiet Monday
Overcast and cool - 70F
12/21/2009, New Plymouth, GTC

A rather relaxing day in the Bahamas getting ready for our first guest, our beautiful daughter, Anne-Marie.

Given the impending arrival I have been asked to finish up my instrument installation and clean up my mess so that we can re-assemble the rear cabin and make the bed.... so it goes.....

Another three hours twisted into uncomfortable small spaces, I can report that the task has been successfully completed. I never want to see that nest of wires again! let alone try to crimp them together by the light of an LED flashlight rolling about randomly with the waves.... it's over! Done! ( I hope).

Two loads of laundry, a quiet walk on the beach, some phone calls to Canada when the satellite passed by, and good internet access so that I can participate in the FARM redesign with our daughter Michelle.

Everything in the farmhouse is now straight, level and dry.... so now the redesign of the entire interior needs to be undertaken, together with the design of the building sub-systems (electrical, plumbing and heating).

I received a photo from our neighbour at Heart Lake which I have posted to remind me why I am here.....



12/21/2009 | Judy McIntyre
Greetings from Ottawa! We're just back from 10 glorious days, diving in Cozumel! Lots of sharks, morays, eagle rays and more! Good to be home and we're bracing for the fun and festivities of Christmas! Enjoy your holidays! Merry Christmas! Judy and Jm
Still blowing hard!
Sunny and windy- 40mph
12/20/2009, New Plymouth, GTC

Another day spent relaxing while I continue to ignore the instrument installation.

With the wind blowing hard from the NW we cycled over to the south end of the island and had a great walk along Gillam Bay, yet another spectacular white sand beach without a soul in sight.

I managed to knock down two large coconuts from a palm tree (not without falling down several times), so we''ll try to find some coconut rum and prepare some special drinks when Anne-Marie arrives in a couple of days.

Louise spent the day polishing chrome fittings, and attacking the ever present black mold that wants to grow on every available surface. We've been very fortunate with how clean everything is on board here in the Bahamas, but one still needs to be very vigilant about mold in such a humid environment. Floorboards, hinges, walls, cupboards, everything needs a little wax and polish to eliminate the ever present threat. Yes, it's true... Louise is developing a bit of a fetish..... oh well.........

The north west wind is a dry cool wind so our boat is decorated with towels, duvets, sheets, shorts, etc.... even the cushions from the salon are on deck enjoying the sunshine and breeze! I have my long pants on with a sweater, but still barefoot (and fancy free!).

The christmas lights are lovely in the evening, I'll try to take a photo of the boat this evening....


12/20/2009 | Anne-Marie Simonson
I like mold and coconut rum!
12/20/2009 | Keith

all the best for Christmas ... are you sure we cannot send you some of our snow? Had a great lunch with the "gang" at Maxwells last Friday ... largest group for ages (13). Best wishes ..... Keith and Olive
The Bahamas are different
Winds from the north (Canada)
12/19/2009, New Plymouth, GTC

With the water tanks completely full (to overflowing) we relaxed and watched a movie last night while the wind & rain howled outside from the north. It is interesting to realize that a 3/8" small, rusty chain is all that separates our 30,000 lb boat from the rocky shore, and/or the other boats in the harbour.

Dawn arrives with the wind still blowing, but a beautiful blue sky with lovely sunshine..... the temperature is 70F.

With four marinas on Green Turtle Cay, it happens that everyone is completely out of gas. You can easily buy diesel fuel, but no-one has any gas (for the dinghy). The locals blame the dramatic rise in automobiles on the island (this is an island 7km long by .5 km wide) who routinely fill up at the marinas.

We are very fortunate that one of our neighbours (and new friend) is commuting to Treasure Cay for work ( a 30 minute boat ride) and graciously picks up 2 gallons of "petrol" (they are from South Africa) to solve the "no gas" problem on GTC. An evening stroll to the Sundowner Bar and Grill reveals that the NOGAS problem should be solved within the next two-three weeks maybe..... so it goes.... we are now on Bahamas time!

The photo I attach was taken by Louise and shows the incredible clarity of the water.... if you look carefully you can see the shadow of the fish on the sand bottom.....

The small town of New Plymouth (pop. 200) is covered with Christmas lights and it is quite magical to walk through the narrow streets with the 200 year old buildings, a spectacular star filled sky above, and to appreciate this very special time of the year.

Merry Christmas to everyone!


12/21/2009 | Beth and Jim
Oh, I remember New Plymouth from Christmas 2 years ago! It was just wonderful. Will you be there for the Junkanoo on New years day? Another fantastic experience.

Merry Christmas from Madcap to You!!
ps - Merry Christmas to our mutual friends who follow both blogs too :-)

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