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My beautiful bride playing with birds!
A relaxing morning moment... wonderful!
12/28/2009, Manjack Cay

Louise is relaxing, after having installed the new ceramic mushrooms in the orchid log on the front porch....

Yet another Manjack Magic Moment!

g & l

Another beautiful day!
sunny and 70F
12/28/2009, Manjack Cay

Anne-Marie is enjoying herself, a totem pole has been carved, and lots of long walks on the empty beaches enjoyed...

More success with lobsters..... fun resting on anchor!


Ho Ho HO!
70F and light rain
12/26/2009, Manjack Cay

I am happy to report that we survived the marathon trip to Marsh Harbour!

Things went somewhat according to plan, with a 9am water taxi pickup to Grand Abacos Island where we thankfully were met with a Honda CRV with right hand drive, which we proceeded to drive south the thirty miles to MH.

It was interesting to note the complete absence of ANY road signs. No speed limits, distances, highway names, absolutely nothing! Just a reasonable paved road heading south.

Marsh Harbour was busy preparing for Christmas with the shops full of special Christmas treats, and shoppers..... we loaded up our shopping carts with lots of stuff, as prices were less than half the going rate on the smaller islands.... propane tank was filled and we drove south across the island to Sandy Point, a rather disappointing spot which wasn't worth the effort of a two hour drive. Pine trees and scrub all the way there and back. We did manage to visit the Neem farm and purchase a wide variety of Neem oil products... more about that later!

Anne-Marie arrived on time (5:30pm) and we loaded her into the CRV and proceeded north in the dark, hoping to find the ferry terminal to return to Green Turtle Cay.

A white knuckle drive with lots of other oncoming traffic (high beams, no beams, bicycles, pedestrians, trucks, dead cars, etc.) and after a couple of attempts we found the unmarked road to the small dock, used the VHF to ask to charter a special ferry ($100) and got picked up and delivered to our boat in Black Sound which we had carefully left with bumpers, Christmas lights, and anchor lights on. Safe and sound, daughter intact, and everyone rather exhausted from the days events. I fear my age is starting to show....

An early morning rising in GTC, with some last minute shopping (Anne-Marie was purchasing postcards and was very impressed with the Bacardi rum at $6/litre, and lobster tails at $10/pound), and then we catch high-tide for a wonderful sail north in 20 knot winds on a beam reach all the way.... quiet and a lovely start to our daughter's holiday to arrive at Manjack to deliver our purchases, organize the Christmas responsibilites, and invite some cruisers over for dinner and a game of Rummikub...... we set the anchor alarms (yes, two) as the wind is quite strong, and Louise (and AM) inspected the anchor with their snorkel equipment and were not complete satisfied with the situation.

We watch the sun rise at 7am this morning, fresh ground coffee, poached eggs, fresh pineapple juice, and a lovely view of the natural harbour..... blue skies and lots of sunshine!

I hope everyone is ready for a wonderful Christmas!


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