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The Girls!
Always exciting!
12/28/2009, Abacos, Bahamas

A lovely photo (thank you Bill) of Anne-Marie and Louise on Christmas Day at Manjack Cay.....

12/29/2009 | patsy
Oh how we miss you as the snow falls and the tree branches break under the ice and it falls to -26 with the wind chill. And chill it does! All is moving along here. We see MA every day and he dines with us. He is back at work after a few days off. Sylvie and Alec have both battled colds and flu. Yucky. But this too will pass. No big plans for New Years here. No Junkaroo either. Too bad. Enjoy yourselves. And Happy New Year. Pats
12/30/2009 | Glen Gray
Hi Patsy!
Thanks for the update..... we'll enjoy a Gombay Punch this afternoon and toast your good health!
I understand Marc-Andre is due back in NYC next week? Is it true?
VERY Special people
blue skies, hot and no wind...
12/28/2009, Manjack Cay

On a beautiful day, after a relaxing lunch onboard Graynorth, we headed north in search of a very special tree which will become a newly carved tree sculpture on Manjack Cay.

The photo (from the left, shows Gigi, Leslie, Bill, and Lulu..... all very special people!

Photo by Louise Simonson!


ps. I love the sky and perspective!

My beautiful bride playing with birds!
A relaxing morning moment... wonderful!
12/28/2009, Manjack Cay

Louise is relaxing, after having installed the new ceramic mushrooms in the orchid log on the front porch....

Yet another Manjack Magic Moment!

g & l

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