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Oh the joys of youth!
Not too bad!
01/03/2010, New Plymouth, GTC

The strong north winds have declined, and the harbour is flat and quiet.

Anne-Marie is anxious to head out and continue our sailing adventure south to explore new islands and check-out new restaurants and stores.....

The problem is that the Atlantic Ocean is still running 10'-14' rolling waves, and we'll be travelling over 12' of water, and our keel is 6' below much to her significant frustration we will stay in the harbour until the ocean calms down and we can make a safe passage south.

Anne-Marie has decided that there are too many "oldies" in the Bahamas, the food is too fried, and there is nothing to do...... long walks on deserted beaches searching for whale wax and shells have started to piss her off!

It's 9am on a quiet Sunday, Louise is polishing the stainless steel life lines, and I've enjoyed a soft-boiled egg for breakfast.

If the wind stays in the west, we should be able to leave tomorrow...

Lots of fun!


Another Photo!
same as before!
01/02/2010, New Plymouth, GTC

Another photo of the lovely New Years Day parade!

Waiting for the wind!
Blowing hard from the NW- 60kph
01/02/2010, New Plymouth, GTC

It is Saturday morning at 7:30am and the wind has been blowing hard all evening from the west and now the north-west. It's nice to be a fully protected harbour without the need for anchor alarms!

We're hoping to sail south, around Whale Cay, and show Anne-Marie a couple of other islands before her departure next weekend.

The firework display was fantastic, particularly when viewed from the front of the boat with the sparkles reflected on the water....

I couldn't get a great photo, as I haven't figured out how to turn off the damn flash on my fully automated digital camera.......

Welcome to 2010!


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