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Great Days!
slowly getting warmer!
01/13/2010, Hopetown Harbour

A wonderful day in the sun, relaxing, reading, and walking the beaches....

My mouth seems to be improving, but still unable to chew anything on the left side.... hopefully things will get better in a couple of days...

We enjoyed an "art show" this afternoon, and visited with lots of boaters...

We also installed some new decals on the back of the boat (with Ian's help) which look absolutely amazing!

We hope to sail south tomorrow morning in search of adventure and lobsters!

My sister Linda and her husband Bruce have confirmed that they will spend a couple of weeks with us later this month....

Sounds like a party!


ps... my dear friend Ian is really getting into "Bahamas Time".....

Alive and Well!
sunny and cooler... lovely weather
01/12/2010, Hopetown Harbour

A busy week!

We sailed over to Marsh Harbour to pick up our friends Ian and Linda (from Victoria) and dropped off Anne-Marie at the airport the following day.

A little bit of shopping and then a screaming ride downwind back to Hopetown with 7.8 knots with maybe half the genoa up only.

Safe and sound in Hopetown, waiting out the cold front.... record low temperatures everywhere.

Fun on the beach and wonderful walks!

Hope everyone is surviving the winter!


Very Cool.. 60F with risk of frost in Miami
01/06/2010, Marsh Harbour

Yet another interesting experience....

I have noticed an increasing tenderness in my teeth over the past four weeks, so decided a couple of days ago to book an appointment with a dentist in Marsh Harbour to have a look.

I took the water taxi this morning at 8am, but not before losing 1/2 of a rear molar last night....

I spent three hours having a root canal on my recently install new gold crown (which is now in my pocket), with another three or four visits planned over the coming weeks to complete the necessary work.... happy I am in relative civilization....

My jaw now hurts more than my teeth thanks to opening my mouth so wide for so long....

Hope things warm up soon!


01/10/2010 | Anne-Marie Simonson
I made it home and I'm still alive!

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