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A reenactment of the arrival of first settlers
Not warm!
02/13/2010, Hopetown Harbour

We enjoyed a lovely filming of the original settlers arriving in HopeTown from New York (United Empire Loyalists) in 1785. It seems they support King George III rather than the separatists, and were evicted from their homes/lands...

It's amazing what you can get away with when you win the war!

Acadians and Palestines are probably sympathetic.


A celebration!
02/13/2010, Hopetown Harbour

Well, it's been a rather busy couple of weeks!

The weather has been rather cool ( 60F) and the winds have been shifting clockwise every two days thanks to the cold north wind swirling down from Canada.

My sister and husband had a great holiday and enjoyed Louise's cooking and a reasonable amount of sailing..... it could have been warmer if you wanted to sit on a beach and develop one's tan, but the snorkeling on a pristine reef within a national park was really magical.

With our last guests for the season safely back in Canada, Louise and I are relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet of our wonderful boat.

Old friends from last year are arriving in the harbour, and we're slowing down and enjoying a quieter pace.... long walks in the morning, small relaxed lunch in local restaurants (from where I am writing this), a cyclce in the afternoon, and then a quiet dinner of fish/lobster followed by a game of mexican train....

It really takes me a couple of months to shed the busy pace of North America and relax and smell the roses!

Today Louise and I celebrate our wedding anniversary (one of three) so we'll invite some friends and relax. It's wonderful to have shared my formative years with such a wonderful woman. I'm looking forward to many more!

Our son has returned to NYC to his dream job ( now somewhat richer) and our daughter (Anne- Marie) is spending her reading week visiting NYC for the first time (she arrived yesterday). Such a lucky girl to have a wonderful brother in the BIG APPLE.

With the wind blowing at 40+ knots and our warm cloths fully utilized, we'll wait for some better weather on continue the adventure!

I hope everyone enjoys their Valentine's day celebration tomorrow!

Keep well!


Lots of sailing north and south
another northern front arriving!
02/04/2010, Hopetown Harbour

Bruce and Linda arrived on schedule without problems, so we spent a short day in HopeTown and then started south with the wind on the stern.... a couple of days anchored out, and then a visit to Little Harbour to celebrate my birthday...

Very quiet with almost no-one around..... Pete's Pub was empty, and the foundry looks abandoned.....

With the wind swinging to the south, we sailed back north and into Marsh Harbour to replenish our cupboards ( Louise has run out of garlic... shocking!).

We sailed back to HopeTown with another northern front at 20 knots with just a small foresail raised, and arrived at high tide, back to our mooring after 6 days away.

Fresh fish from a local resident at the dock, a lobster/artichoke dip for lunch, and fresh pasta planned for dinner. Laundry done, dinghy refueled, snorkelling planned for this afternoon....

It's taken a week for our guests to relax, but I suspect they'll have a great week here in HopeTown before their overnight stay in Nassau before flying home to Toronto.

My wonderful birthday present was the news that our son, Marc-Andre, has won the grand prize at the Feel Good Filmfest in Toronto ($100,000) for his short film entitled "Nuit Blanche". After the thousands of hours of work, it is great to see him so successful.... he's now back in NYC working on another contract...... so it goes.....

We've booked our return flights for April 8th, so we're already past the half way mark.....

Hot and sunny...... not a worry in the world!


02/06/2010 | Mary & Bill-Southern Vectis
Hi Glen & Louise:We are not too far from you at Chubb Cay in the Berry Islands. We'll be heading to Nassau tomorrow and then on to the Exumas. We'll probably be in the Abacos by mid-March.
Happy trails, Mary & Bill

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