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More fun!
Still cool and windy!
03/04/2010, Hopetown Harbour

Another couple of lazy days hiding from the cold, and enjoying a fabulous diet thanks to sweet Louise!

Fresh fish and cold champagne..... fresh baked bread, and free coconuts found on the beach....

One of our neighbours kindly let me try his new wifi antennae on my laptop and the results were extremely impressive.... another "must have" has just been found...

Our son (Marc-Andre) is back in NYC working hard on some new projects... his recent film can be viewed at

When the weather warms up, and the wind drops to below 25 knots, we'll start our sailing trip north....

Louise is looking forward to another serious gardening season, and I am looking forward to starting on the exterior of the farmhouse....

Lots of fun!


03/08/2010 | Hanny and Jan
We are just back from a wonderful trip to China. Vey impressive and great fun.
Andre and Cleo will come back tonight (monday) from California. We are looking forward to seeing you soon, we just have not enough family around here.
Love, Hanny and Jan
More lobster!
another northern front arriving!
03/02/2010, Hopetown Harbour

Great days....

With a single day before the next strong northern front arriving, Louise and I took the dinghy out to a nearby reef, and within 40 minutes I found a lovely 3 lb lobster and a two pound red snapper to supplement our dinner menus.

Our immediate neighbours ( Marie-Francoise and Jean-Pierre) picked up their son at Marsh Harbour last night and arrived this morning with another case of Chilean Chardonnay (along with parchment paper) from the big city, so we're good for at least another week!

This evening will be ravioli with a spinach/lobster/potato stuffing enjoyed in the cockpit as the strong (50mph) winds arrive. We're all strapped down with double lines on the dinghy.....

The latest entertainment has been watching other boats going aground as a result of the very low (and high) tides associated with the full moon. Once you put 30,000lbs of boat onto a sandbar, it takes alot of time and effort to hump the sucker back into the water!

Great sunsets, wonderful sunrises, empty beaches..... not too many tourists around at all......wonderful!

Let's hope the mild weather continues in Canada, and the warm weather arrives in the Bahamas.... the locals are all complaining about the very cold winter they have had..... I cannot complain at all!

See you all soon!


March has arrived
Still Cold! 60F with cold north winds!
03/01/2010, Hopetown Harbour

We spent a lovely day on the beach, with long walks, and fresh fish for dinner. A rather nice event was opening a fresh coconut I found on the beach. The machete did a great job, and Louise found a recipe for "coconut milk" (Hot water, shredded coconut and honey) which when combined with crushed ice, fresh pineapple juice and rum created a spectacular pina colada! truly wonderful relaxing in the harbour in the sunshine!

The weather looks like it's going to get better in a couple of days, so we'll wave goodbye to Hopetown and start the trip north (or south) in search of adventure and lobsters.

The boat has been performing wonderfully with no real problems and most of the routine maintenance tasks completed.... my job jar is empty... I'll need to find some more things to work on!

Lovely full moon last night.... you could almost read by the moonlight!

Based upon the cheering from the local pub, it sounded like a great hockey night last night....

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