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Lots of Sunshine!
Sunny and windy!
03/14/2010, Green Turtle Club

A really beautiful day spent cycling, beach combing, and having lunch with friends at the Green Turtle Club (, a nice resort at the north end of White Sound and a healthy cycle ride up from New Plymonth.

Louise was excited to find a shark's tooth on the beach, along with her usual array of shells and sea glass.

The sun is hot and getting stronger, and it will be interesting to see the impact of the change of time to DST on the solar collectors and the evening blowing of the conch......

Surprisingly, both of our "high-end" folding bikes need new tires... either do to poor quality or too much cycling....

Lots of fun!


back hiding from the wind
windy and LOTS of rain..
03/13/2010, Green Turtle Cay

Well, we sailed/motored north from Marsh Harbour, around the "whale" with 6 -9 foot rollers from the Atlantic, and back inside the Sea of Abaco and north to Black Sound where we picked up a secure mooring, a short dinghy ride from New Plymonth.

The north winds have been blowing 25+ knots and for the first time ever, it pounded down with rain for hours and hours over the past three days. Thankfully we are completely dry having repaired a couple of leaky hatches last week.

After rinsing the boat of all the saltwater film taken on our voyage north, we filled all of our water tanks with lovely clean rainwater and I needed to empty the dinghy three times due to the massive amount of rain.n I'm surprised it didn't sink with the 8" of water throughout!

We'll sit tight until the winds calm down and sail north if the wind ever shifts to the east or south.... the forecast is heavy winds from the NW for the next several days, so it's a perfect excuse to relax and search for lobsters. I was luck to find one yesterday, but unsuccessful in catching the brute. They seem to like narrow, deep caves sometimes 6' deep and even when you can hit them with the spear, they manage to retreat into the darkness...

We enjoyed a lovely gathering of friends who visited for Louise's now famous freshly made pina colada and a freshly baked coconut cream pie and we're sharing books and movies to help pass away the hours.

A trip into town allowed us to find some lovely baby spinach (a very rare treat) and revisit some of the local artisans where Louise found some lovely Andros-made place mats in vivid batiq colours with marine patterns.

I managed to destroy a second dinghy prop, so I'm fortunate to have had another emergency spare..... it might be time to start looking for another dinghy....

Beautiful beaches, great food, barefoot and relaxed, good friends and a great boat..... life is grand!

Keep well...


More fun!
Still cool and windy!
03/04/2010, Hopetown Harbour

Another couple of lazy days hiding from the cold, and enjoying a fabulous diet thanks to sweet Louise!

Fresh fish and cold champagne..... fresh baked bread, and free coconuts found on the beach....

One of our neighbours kindly let me try his new wifi antennae on my laptop and the results were extremely impressive.... another "must have" has just been found...

Our son (Marc-Andre) is back in NYC working hard on some new projects... his recent film can be viewed at

When the weather warms up, and the wind drops to below 25 knots, we'll start our sailing trip north....

Louise is looking forward to another serious gardening season, and I am looking forward to starting on the exterior of the farmhouse....

Lots of fun!


03/08/2010 | Hanny and Jan
We are just back from a wonderful trip to China. Vey impressive and great fun.
Andre and Cleo will come back tonight (monday) from California. We are looking forward to seeing you soon, we just have not enough family around here.
Love, Hanny and Jan

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