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Good Friday
Beautiful Sunshine
04/02/2010, New Plymouth, GTC

This is Good Friday and it's a beautiful day in the Bahamas with warm weather and blue skies.

Work on the boat continues with cleaning, packing, and polishing.

The sails have been removed, dried, folded and stowed. The bilges are spotless, and the cupboards clean. We will wait until Tuesday when the boat is hauled out of the water to complete the final tasks.

Lobster season ended with March, so yesterday we took the dinghy north with a line trolling behind us.

Dinner was fresh mouton snapper!

We're decided to relax and enjoy ourselves for the next few days before we fly home...

Nice weather for easter everywhere!


Savoring the moments!
Strong south winds - 40mph
03/28/2010, Green Turtle Cay, Abacos

We are relaxing in our lovely protected Black Sound, and slowly getting ready for the end of our vacation. The strong winds has resulted in a full anchorage, as folks moving north hide from the winds.
Louise is spending hours and hours cleaning shelves, lockers, refrigerators, etc. and throwing out loads of spices, grains, cans of "stuff" which will not survive 8 months of high-temperature summer weather here in the Bahamas where inside boat temperatures reach 130F.

I've engineered the proper installation of two solar powered ventilation fans which are now installed on deck in the hope of ensuring good airflow over the hot summer months.

I also placed an advertisement for our guest cabin at the lake on craigslist in the hope of ensuring that we've got someone around while we wander across Canada this summer.

Tomorrow will see a full frontal attack on floorboard lacquer followed by cold white wine with friends from Cape Breton.

Our son has sold his Westboro condo and decided to stay put in NYC, and I purchased a 150 year old Apple Cider Press on ebay this afternoon to add to the farm adventure.... another excuse to visit New Hampshire upon our return...

Lots of fun!


The end of the season
warm and raining!
03/26/2010, Green Turtle Cay

We sailed south yesterday in order to buy fresh vegetables and more beer on Green Turtle Cay and arrived at high tide so as to allow us to enter Black Sound and find a mooring... very easy as the area is quickly becoming empty with fewer and fewer boats.

There is now a steady stream of boats moving north on their way back to North America...... it reminds me of the car trip north from Florida last year with the snowbirds driving north in their RVs. The days are getting longer and warmer and the migratory birds are singing on their way north.

Lots of friends are having their boats hauled out of the water here in the Abacos and flying back to montreal, charleston, toronto, halifax, mt. tremblant, kitchener, norfolk, england, france, switzerland, etc....

A little sad to say goodbye to everyone, and start our own preparations for a return to Ottawa. Living on a boat for 4-5 months allows one to realize how simple things can be, and how quiet and peaceful it is in the Bahamas.
We're not looking forward to the city noise, traffic, and busy life.... but I'm sure Louise will enjoy the dishwasher, washing machine, and a return to her orchids and garden..... such is life....

With the long list of tasks required to properly put the boat to bed for 8 months, it will be a busy two weeks followed by an 18 hour aviation marathon from GTC to Ottawa via Treasure Island, Nassau, and Toronto.

Fortunately I still have a several good books to read, and a wonderful farmhouse to design and build this summer (not to mention the barn to straighten)...

The photo was taken yesterday at dawn.....


04/02/2010 | Dick
Where are you leaving your boat?
We are looking for someplace to leave our boat in the Bahamas.


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