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I love the Abacos!
warm southern winds
03/27/2011, Green Turtle Cay

We've had a wonderful two weeks back in the Abacos sailing north, south, east and west, exploring new shores, catching lots of fish and lobsters, enjoying new and old friends, and relaxing in the best weather we have ever had in the Bahamas! The restaurants are excellent, the local folks are friendly and kind, the facilities are excellent and safe, and given that everything that could break on our boat already has, there is nothing much left to repair and a PILE of broken bits that need to be hauled back to Ottawa to be refurbished before we return. I'll be bringing back the watermaker, raw water generator pump, electric toilet, main engine impeller, Garmin GPS, Globalstar phone, etc.

We sailed yesterday over to Green Turtle Cay and into Black Sound where we are attached to a mooring ball in a very protected harbour preparing for our haul-out in five days. Lots of friends nearby doing the same thing, enjoying the final days of their holidays before heading north to a wonderful spring/summer season....

Louise enjoyed a wonderful birthday celebration with friends at Manjack Cay, and we have too much lobster and fish on board, so I'll have to stop my fishing to ensure we clean up what we already have before departure...

Back in Ottawa for two days, then off to the north end of Vancouver Island for more adventures on the water....

Life is grand!


Back to familiar grounds
Cooler and north winds
03/12/2011, Marsh Harbour

A great sail north from Lynyard Cay in 20 knots to arrive at a very busy harbour with 60+ boats on anchor. Laundry, shopping, fresh conch salad, a busy potluck dinner at the Jib Room with other cruisers, and we're planning a fancy dinner tonight with friends arriving from Treasure Cay.... smoked duck, duck confit, and smoked salmon. Louise has been making marmalade with all the sour oranges we found in Eleuthera, so we'll be all ready for next year.
Frightening photos from Japan cause quiet reflection.
We're back north in three weeks, so we have to focus on finding lobsters!
Lots of new plans for the coming summer!

Back in the Abacos!
East winds at 15-20 knots
03/09/2011, Lynyard Cay

We left Egg Island at 6am with 10-12 knots of wind from the NE, with the expectation that the wind would swing east and waves of 5-6 feet.
By 11am the wind freshened to 20+knots and held NE, so we shortened sail and bounced north with waves growing to 10-12 feet, and wind steady at 22 knots... quite a bouncy ride at 7+ knots pounding into steep waves!
Arrived at Little Harbour Cut at 2:30pm and joined 20 boats hiding behind Lynyard Cay to rest for a couple of days before heading further north to avoid another cold front coming south in two days.... never a dull moment!
More stuff to fix on the boat! Such is life....

03/10/2011 | Hanny and Andre
Good to see you made it back through the big waves.
04/18/2012 | Chris
Great blog. I am heading back to the Abacos to do some landscape photography. Could you please tell me where this photo was shot? On Lynyard?

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