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Back to the South!
-4C with lots of sunshine
11/08/2011, Ottawa, Canada

The summer has screamed by with lots of projects at the farm and cottage to keep me too busy.
Our trip to the west coast of Canada in May was wonderful...makes me want to move there just for the fresh seafood.
The summer was an opportunity to start the long process of "getting rid of stuff" and several automobiles were sold (to Norway and England), sailboat and kayaks sold, tractor sold, motorboat sold, furniture sold... the list goes on, and still the garage is packed with stuff!
An excellent cider season was realized with 200 litres produced. The spring will reveal the finished results...but we're getting better...
We leave in a week for Nassau where we'll spend some time before flying to GTC and launching the boat. We've assembled a mountain of equipment to haul down there... more than 100 lbs of spare parts and new toys... so it goes..
We're looking forward to getting back into the water... still not wearing any socks!

11/23/2011 | Rick
Looking forward to your updates for the season Glen. Hope you have a great winter in Paridise !
Briefly Back Home
Snowing and -6C
04/06/2011, Ottawa

We spent a lovely week catching lobsters north of Treasure Cay, and another 4 days in Black Sound enjoying the company of friends and getting the boat put to bed for the long, hot summer.
Water taxi to the mainland, taxi to the airport.... boom! home at 1am in heavy rain.
A mountain of mail, phone messages, plants, pets, taxes, tenants... the normal chaos!
We leave tomorrow at 6am for Vancouver Island for three weeks.... I need a holiday!
Last post for this sailing season.... come visit us at the lake this summer!

ps. Hope the snow stops soon! still lots of dirty snow around and the canal is still frozen..... a bit of a change!

I love the Abacos!
warm southern winds
03/27/2011, Green Turtle Cay

We've had a wonderful two weeks back in the Abacos sailing north, south, east and west, exploring new shores, catching lots of fish and lobsters, enjoying new and old friends, and relaxing in the best weather we have ever had in the Bahamas! The restaurants are excellent, the local folks are friendly and kind, the facilities are excellent and safe, and given that everything that could break on our boat already has, there is nothing much left to repair and a PILE of broken bits that need to be hauled back to Ottawa to be refurbished before we return. I'll be bringing back the watermaker, raw water generator pump, electric toilet, main engine impeller, Garmin GPS, Globalstar phone, etc.

We sailed yesterday over to Green Turtle Cay and into Black Sound where we are attached to a mooring ball in a very protected harbour preparing for our haul-out in five days. Lots of friends nearby doing the same thing, enjoying the final days of their holidays before heading north to a wonderful spring/summer season....

Louise enjoyed a wonderful birthday celebration with friends at Manjack Cay, and we have too much lobster and fish on board, so I'll have to stop my fishing to ensure we clean up what we already have before departure...

Back in Ottawa for two days, then off to the north end of Vancouver Island for more adventures on the water....

Life is grand!


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