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Still more wind!
Sunny and still blowing 20-25 knots
12/13/2011, Hopetown on Elbow Cay, Bahamas

Our lovely guests (Barb and Jill) have come and gone and spent a windy week on Elbow Cay staying at the Hopetown Harbour Lodge. We managed to get out sailing one day, and ventured north to Man-of-War Cay, south to Tahiti Beach, and then back into the harbour while the tide allowed. It's difficult to get into and out of a shallow harbour on the same day when you need the high tide in both directions!
Lots of beach glass, lots of cycling, lots of walking.... we've decided to investigate the feasibility of purchasing some land and building a home here in the islands... a great excuse to wander all over the place exploring options...
We'll spend Christmas and New Years here in Hopetown, and see if we have any luck on the real estate front. One step at a time!
Still no luck with the genset, but the solar panels are doing a great job keeping the beer cold and the batteries fully charged.
Lots of folks are heading north on airplanes to spend Christmas in the snow, so the harbour is pretty quiet... just the way we like it!
We'll be at Captains Jack for trivia tonight with the two for one Margaritas!

Still no sign of snow...


ps. the photo shows our guests at the rear, and Dawn Anne (from Calgary) on the left beside Louise

Beautiful Hopetown Harbour
Still blowing 25 knots
12/04/2011, Abacos Bahamas

We're delighted to be hiding in the Hopetown Harbour while the wind continues to howl outside. It's a beautiful town which is pretty quiet at the moment... The Harbour's Edge is closed for renovations (one of the best restaurants in Hopetown), the groceries stores are well stocked, the wine store has moved closer to the town dock, and the new marina across the harbour is almost ready for action.
Our guests arrived safely (and early) and we enjoyed a wonderful potluck dinner onboard with eight folks at the table.... a lovely evening!
We'll spend a couple of weeks relaxing here and looking at possible real estate opportunities on-shore.
I was able to fix the main engine problems yesterday, and with all of the lovely sunshine our solar panels eliminate the need for the genset.

It's great to back in the Bahamas! A lovely dawn in Hopetown!

glen & louise

12/13/2011 | Rick
Glen , seems your right back in sync . I look forward to reading your blogs
Hope the winds blow in you favour. Cheers
Back to Hopetown
very windy, 78F
12/02/2011, Hopetown on Elbow Cay, Bahamas

We've been back in the Bahamas for two weeks now, and finally starting to relax a bit. It's been two weeks of constant work, repairing toilets, engines, dinghy, shower, anchors, lines, generator, bicycles, pumps, the list goes on and on....
Having the boat sitting on dry land in 45C temperatures is really tough on plastics, rubber, electrical wiring, pumps, etc. with the result that weeks of preparation work are required before everything gets sorted out properly.

But we sailed from Marsh Harbour this morning to Hopetown in 25 knots of wind from the NE.... a bumpy ride, during which we discovered some more needed repairs.... so it goes!

We'll relax here in Hopetown for at least a week while friends from New Mexico (Santa Fe) visit for a week to experience the sailing way of life....

Fair winds and clean diesel to all!


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