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Just in Case!
Hot Again - 28C
12/15/2008, Stuart, Florida

After a day of rest, we spent this morning installing the rest of the solar panel supports, and the first two panels have been installed.

The SSB radio has been beautifully installed and is working perfectly. Now I need to learn how to use it.

I spent three hours dealing with US and Canadian officials trying to de-register and re-register my new EPIRB device. (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon). This handy device sends an emergency signal (when activated by me, or when placed in the water) which sets off the search and rescue teams which ensure safety at sea.
Hopefully we will never need to use it. Thank you Bruce and Andre for assisting with the EPIRB registration.

I am hoping to have the boat in the water within the next two days, and then we'll start testing all of the onboard mechanical systems: winches, toilets, stoves, engines, generator, sails, pumps, fridge and freezer, lights, instruments, etc, etc,etc..............

The weather is hot and blue skies all day. We hope that it will cool down somewhat, but we'll need wind from the south to cross over to the Bahamas soon...

All the best!

ps. The photo is the EPIRB device

12/16/2008 | Hanny
Jeezz, the EPIRB device is a big machine. I thought initially that I was looking at some kind of newspaper vending machine!!!
Sunday in the sunshine!
cool and windy... nice to be ashore!
12/14/2008, Stuart Florida

Yesterday Louise and I spent another 5 hours at the boat, repairing the dinghy ( Thank you Ian for the patch kit/glue and new oar-locks) and the dinghy looks ready for a great holiday.
The newly created bows for the bimini arrived and we installed them so that the solar panels should be able to be installed on Monday. They look wonderful, but I have not yet got the bill ( there are more than 40 stainless-steel fittings involved) so it won't be cheap.

Marc-Andre has been busy roller-blading around town, and Louise has been purchasing assorted grains/foods for the next four months.

We've been looking at real estate and the prices are far below replacement costs.....and probably going lower within the next 12 months.

Blue skies, lot's of sunshine.... if the weather cooperates, we'll be in the Bahamas for Christmas!

A great start to a wonderful winter!


12/14/2008 | Andre and Hanny
We are happy to see that everything is well with you. Working hard as usual, and as we see "new business opportunities" for Glen.
We are fine. Organizing our trip in Spain and finalizing the first session of the school year until Christmas. And indeed, lots of snow, snow, and more snow. Who knows we will top last winter ......
Love and greetings, Andre, Hanny, Jan en Cleo
Some progress
Cool winds arrive from Canada - 70F
12/12/2008, Stuart, Florida

Day by day we are slowly making progress.

Our son, Marc-Andre arrived yesterday, so we drove down to Ft Lauderdale to pick him up. Four hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-95 with some terrible accidents due to rain. There are a lot of people in Florida and lots of seniors who drive too quickly.

The mast was finally installed today and it was fun to watch. With the new rear stay acting as an antennae for radio reception, the radio can now be tested and the installation finalized on Monday.

Another two days of electrical work will be required to complete the watermaker and solar panel electronics, and hopefully we can drop the boat into the water mid next week and verify that all the mechanical systems are working properly.

Over the summer our small inflatable dinghy developed a large hole on one side which is tomorrow's repair task if it doesn't rain. Difficult to know how best to store the dinghy over the hot summer months.

With Marc-Andre to help us we're hoping things go a little quicker. in terms of loading the boat with "stuff" and preparing for our departure.

Another problem to be solved is where to leave the car for four months.

Lots of fun!

I hope the weather in Ottawa is behaving itself, and the preparations for Christmas are all complete. It's interesting to see the Christmas trees, reindeer and Santa, and horrible Christmas music in the shopping centres here in Florida, with kids in shorts, and green grass and lush plants everywhere.

I managed to find a string of Christmas lights for the boat (which run on 12V, so we should be all set for the big event.

Keep well and enjoy yourselves!


12/14/2008 | ANDREA
Looking good. Got away before all this white s***!! Wishing you guys all the best over the holiday season and good sailing. Wish we could be there!! LOL

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