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She Floats!
Lots of sunshine - 28C
12/18/2008, Stuart Florida

Another 5 hours of cleaning and organizing, last minute solar panel repairs, close all the thru-hull valves, and lift the boat up 4" to remove all of the supports, and then repaint the bottom where the supports were.

Off to the market to pick up more food supplies while the paint dries, and then back to boat to drop it in the water.

The inboard engine started immediately, and I backup down a long narrow channel (not easy when you cannot see the rudder) and drive around to a nice spot on the dock.

Connect to shore power and shore water, and we start to test things to ensure everything works. So far so good.

Tomorrow should reveal any problems.

The marina bill was so large it exceeds my Visa limit (which is $20K).

So it goes.............

A few days of charging batteries and flushing water tanks, and then we're off into the deep blue ocean....

ps. the photo shows the new solar panels on top of the bimini

12/19/2008 | Keith
GRAYNORTH looks good in her own element again. We shall raise a glass for you at our last Maxwells lunch before Christmas today. All the best for the season and safe sailing
Keith and Olive
Almost in the water
12/17/2008, Stuart Florida

Another busy couple of days.

All sails are installed and ready to go.

All running lines are installed and tested.

Solar panels are fully installed and working.

Canvas is all in place.

The anchor chain has been checked and marked with tabs.

We found a great secure place to store the Mini for the winter nearby.

Louise made a wonderful dinner with local seafood.

The scheduled launch of the boat is at high-tide tomorrow.

I wonder if the diesel engine will start?

We hope to check everything carefully and then start offshore asap.

We also put in an offer on a house nearby.... such is life!

I should have some great photos of the boat in the water tomorrow.

bye for now!


Just in Case!
Hot Again - 28C
12/15/2008, Stuart, Florida

After a day of rest, we spent this morning installing the rest of the solar panel supports, and the first two panels have been installed.

The SSB radio has been beautifully installed and is working perfectly. Now I need to learn how to use it.

I spent three hours dealing with US and Canadian officials trying to de-register and re-register my new EPIRB device. (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon). This handy device sends an emergency signal (when activated by me, or when placed in the water) which sets off the search and rescue teams which ensure safety at sea.
Hopefully we will never need to use it. Thank you Bruce and Andre for assisting with the EPIRB registration.

I am hoping to have the boat in the water within the next two days, and then we'll start testing all of the onboard mechanical systems: winches, toilets, stoves, engines, generator, sails, pumps, fridge and freezer, lights, instruments, etc, etc,etc..............

The weather is hot and blue skies all day. We hope that it will cool down somewhat, but we'll need wind from the south to cross over to the Bahamas soon...

All the best!

ps. The photo is the EPIRB device

12/16/2008 | Hanny
Jeezz, the EPIRB device is a big machine. I thought initially that I was looking at some kind of newspaper vending machine!!!

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