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Sheraton Cable Beach
Still Great!
01/07/2009, Nassau

A photo from our room!

Blue ocean, blue skies, lots of Palm trees!

Far from the maddening crowds.

Totally artificial.


Living in Luxury
sunny and 78F
01/07/2009, Nassau, bahamas

I'm sitting on my king size bed at the Sheraton Cable Beach Resort just west of Nassau.

Two days ago we took a short water taxi directly from the boat to Treasure Cay, then a 35 minute flight to Nassau where we'll spend three days enjoying the three enormous pools, two hot tubs, mile long white sand beach and multiple restaurants and bars. Marc-Andre is enjoying the beach scene complete with shapely playmates.

After an interval of 32 years since we were last in Nassau, the changes have been dramatic and not for the better.

The lovely, clean British colonial town has evolved into a ugly collection of derelict buildings shuttered and abandoned, lots of garbage on the streets, more T-shirt sales outlets than I have ever seen, and thousands and thousands of cruise ship passengers wandering about looking at Chinese manufactured novelties.

A real disappointment after the quiet beauty and elegance of Green Turtle Cay today and a sad development for a former clean and well maintained city of Nassau. Everything changes.... not always for the better. I recommend no more than 1-2 nights in Nassau at the most.

We return tomorrow to GTC by plane after we try to buy some "exotic" groceries here in the big city. It will be great to get back to the "OUT" islands and away from here.

Our son, Marc-Andre flies home today so he's spending the morning in the ocean, then catching a 3 hour direct flight to Ottawa. It should be an interesting contrast!

I hope the weather is mild, the snowskiing wonderful, and all of your driveways clean and dry!


Just another day in Paradise!
blue skies and 80F
01/04/2009, Manjack Cay, Bahamas

We spent the day swimming and exploring on the ocean side of the cay, which involves a long dinghy ride around the cay followed by 2-3 miles of walking on pristine white sand beaches collecting a wide assortment of beach debris.
Louise has decided to collect "beach glass" which is simply bits of broken glass which have been tumbled in the waves/sand until it is soft and cloudy in appearance. I prefer the brain coral and crab shells, together with fishing net floats.

We'll sail back down to Green Turtle Cay tomorrow and catch the flight to Nassau.

Quiet and relaxing days with blue skies and incredible white sand beaches which are completely empty of all human activity.

It will be interesting to experience busy Nassau with all of the "action".

Until the next posting.....


01/06/2009 | Bruce & Linda
Glad to hear things are going well. We are in our last day in Punta Cana. Tomorrow it will be back to Toronto and Snow. When you get back from Nassau, we can talk more about the logistics of joining you.

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