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Moving On
still cool and overcast
01/22/2009, GTC, Bahamas

Well the strong winds have dropped off abit, so we're getting ready to sail south tomorrow.

Laundry has been done, new food supplies purchased, we'll fill up the water tanks this afternoon, and put all of the bikes on board.

Our propane tanks didn't arrive on the ferry (by mistake) but are promised for tomorrow morning at 11am (we shall see).

There may be a narrow weather wind to sail south around Whale Cay tomorrow, and then we'll be back inside with lots of choices of anchorages and a variety of different settlements to explore.

Tonight is another dinner of crab claws which we'll introduce to Bill and Ginny.

The cloudy weather over the past three days has resulted in my batteries dropping back into the -100Ah level, so I am hoping for sunshine soon so that the solar panels can do their thing!

01/23/2009 | Keith
Sounds like you are having fun ... not like the grey skies(no pun intended!) I can see from my office window with a light snow coming down. Just about to head off to Maxwells so I will drink your health with the "boys" again over lunch ... best wishes to all ...... Keith
01/23/2009 | Beth and Jim
Just checked in and wish I'd done so much sooner. Did you meet the folks on Ripple? If you are still there, say hi from madcap. Glad you enjoyed GTC and Black Sound. We loved our time there last year. And wasn't Junkanoo incredible? Good luck around the Whale and have fun exploring all the great spots in the next part of the Abacos.
Touring the island
Cool and windy- 40+kph and 60F
01/21/2009, GTC, Bahamas

A cool wind day with about 25 boats in the harbour waiting for a weather window to sail south.

We bicycled 20km today to the other end of the island to visit Bluff House Inn.... very quiet with few tourists about.

We've run out of fresh water, as have the local marina, so we'll be looking for a source tomorrow before we head out on Friday morning (if the weather cooperates).

A wonderful day of sunshine, strong winds, and exercise.

Louise is making bread, Bill and Ginny are in the dinghy collecting fresh water in our drinking water jugs, our propane tanks should arrive tomorrow, and the weather forecast suggests the strong winds should drop today, with an overnight temperature of 50F...... time to find my socks!

We met some folks from Germany who are sailing south, as well as three Canadian boats also heading south, so we'll organize ourselves and all go together on Friday.... safety in numbers!


01/23/2009 | Derek Dunstan
Water maker still giving you trouble?
A Historic moment!
Still north winds at 40+ kph
01/21/2009, GTC

A lovely photo by Bill Grimshaw capturing the historic moment (c/w clock) when the new president arrives!

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