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Full Moon Rising!
Sunny and Hot... finally
02/12/2009, HopeTown

Alive and well!

Our friends George and Patsy arrived yesterday from Ottawa via Nassua.

We have been re-supplied with Chariso and cheese, and a wonderful new drill has arrived so we've been drilling holes in the beach glass and shells.... lots of fun.

With the warm weather we've been snorkelling and recovering mountains of glass and shells!

Another visit to the lighthouse!

Wonderful relaxed long walks on empty beaches... it looks like lobster again for dinner!



02/15/2009 | Bruce Anderson
Lovely picture of a Nonsuch by moonlight!

... and Happy Anniversary as well.
Still Blowing hard!
Very cool... 60F and winds 30-40mph
02/04/2009, Hopetown

Wow, I've got my warm hat on, fleece, and socks!

That damn cold Canadian wind is freezing!

Louise has evolved her beach glass collection methodogy, with impressive results.... we'll have to pay for excess luggage on our way back to Florida.

We're stuck here for a couple more days, but it's a wonderful place to be stuck.

We're meeting lots of other sailers, cycling and beachcombing, reading, and relaxing..

louise made fresh rolls (she grinds the flour on board) together with a wonderful pizza for dinner last night. One can't eat lobster tails every night.

The sunsets are spectacular and each evening I've been blowing my conch shell and I'm now getting several other boats responding..... there are some good blowers out there.... I'll have to practice!

Life is grand.............


02/04/2009 | Keith
Have you forgotten what cold is already? Minus 20 here today and I had to get out on my roof to break up an ice dam ... that was fun! I needed your bosuns chair!
Best wishes ..... Keith
02/09/2009 | Hanny
We hope tht the weather got better for you and that you are on the move again.
Thinking about you!!!
Relaxing the sunshine
still blowing with rain forecast tomorrow.
02/02/2009, HopeTown Abacos

A lovely day!

The wind continues, so we've spent a quiet day reading our extensive book collection and doing odd jobs on the boat.

This morning I found a small allan screw set screw on the rear deck. Upon further investigation, it turned out to have vibrated out of my new solar panel supports..... further study showed that most of the screws needed attention....

Removing the bimini canvass revealed that the new stainless steel bows are starting to rust at the edges...

Super clean Louise jumps to the rescue!

We spent four hours cleaning and waxing the hardware and relaxing at the same time.... a wonderful way to spend a day (after doing two loads of laundry and having fresh water showers at the marina this morning).

A quick dinghy ride across the harbour to the internet cafe (bar) and then back to the boat in time to join our neighbours for wine and cheese on their new boat as the sun approaches the yard arm!

Life's a bitch and then you die!


02/03/2009 | Judy
Greetings from Ottawa! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Even though it's winter here we are still managing to get lots of fresh air and sunshine and compared to Judy's last winter we are really enjoying this one! Have fun with Patsy and George!

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