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Sunny Saturday
Beautiful !
02/14/2009, Hope Town

Another beautiful day on the beach searching for glass and relaxing.
Our guests took an early morning ferry to Man-of-War Cay to participate in the annual flea market adventure for the day, so Louise and I are relaxing and enjoying a slow day with no responsibilities.

After two months away from Ottawa, Louise and I have really relaxed and are very much enjoying ourselves. It is more difficult for our guests to adjust to the slow space and lack of things to do. The need for constant stimulation seems endemic in the North American culture...........

Fresh fish from the dock, cold white wine, beautiful sunsets and moon risings, new friends to meet and today we celebrate our wedding anniversary!

Time to relax and smell the flowers!


02/14/2009 | Nancy Boston
I enjoy reading your blog. Happy Anniversary! I am from Markham, Ont. living in Florida now.

Valentine day tomorrow
02/13/2009, HopeTown

Another great day with a soft rain and great fresh seafood!

Patsy and George are enjoying the lack of snow, and we're all thrilled with the new drilling tool to expand Louise's artistic horizons.

We'll sail tomorrow over to some local islands and putter about. Our friend Pamela MacMillan has decided to join us next wednesday for a week, so we'll relax and enjoy the local scene.

Everyone is happy and healthy which is really all that's important.


02/13/2009 | Keith
Hope that Louise will enjoy all of those Chocolates and Red Roses you are about to buy her :-). Wx here in Ottawa is almost as good as where you are (almost!!) .... have a great island hop .... Keith
Full Moon Rising!
Sunny and Hot... finally
02/12/2009, HopeTown

Alive and well!

Our friends George and Patsy arrived yesterday from Ottawa via Nassua.

We have been re-supplied with Chariso and cheese, and a wonderful new drill has arrived so we've been drilling holes in the beach glass and shells.... lots of fun.

With the warm weather we've been snorkelling and recovering mountains of glass and shells!

Another visit to the lighthouse!

Wonderful relaxed long walks on empty beaches... it looks like lobster again for dinner!



02/15/2009 | Bruce Anderson
Lovely picture of a Nonsuch by moonlight!

... and Happy Anniversary as well.

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