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Pamela arrives
Cool and windy... 65F
02/19/2009, Marsh Harbour

Well we waited for the high tide to arrive in Hope Town, and at 3pm left the harbour and sailed north to Marsh Harbour, the third largest town in the Bahamas (pop. 5000).

We arrived at quite a nice marina before dark (Mangoes Marina) where we'll spend a couple of days washing the boat, and re-stocking the pantry thanks to the better selection of groceries available.

Pamela arrived at 7pm via Nassau, and after a late (and slow) dinner at Snappas, we spent our first evening tied to a dock in over two months (the first time since leaving Stuart, Florida.
The easy access to fresh water and electricity is undoubtedly convenient, but the noise and lack of privacy has Louise hoping to leave tomorrow to return to the simplier life of floating away from land with no immediate neighbours.

The music in the local bar goes on until midnight so our simple life of retiring at 9pm isn't possible at the moment.

The wind is blowing at 30+ mph from the west, so we'll hope it swings around to the North and head back down south when possible.

Still no definite plans concerning destination, but we're both really enjoying meeting lots of friendly and relaxed sailers, comparing boats and equipment, and sharing good anchorages and grocery stores, etc.

Pamela is only here for a week, so we'll probably spend alot of time on the beach with a couple of days of sailing as well.

Hope the weather in Ottawa is improving and that Winterlude is having good weather!
All the best.....


02/21/2009 | Jean
Boy you guys sure know how to live. Have a lobster for me, Louise!
Never a dull moment!
windy with north winds
02/16/2009, Hope Town

A windy day with rain, but a lovely sunrise with great purples and pinks....

Louise spent two hours doing the laundry, and we'll relax and enjoy the quiet of the harbour as the winds blow from the north.

All's well that ends well..........

Pamela arrives in a couple of days. Patsy and George have moved to the luxury of the Hope Town Harbour Lodge with a beautiful room overlooking both the harbour and the Atlantic Ocean. They have lots of activities planned over the next week, and I am sure they'll have a great visit once they adjust to "island time".

So it goes.....


Sunny Saturday
Beautiful !
02/14/2009, Hope Town

Another beautiful day on the beach searching for glass and relaxing.
Our guests took an early morning ferry to Man-of-War Cay to participate in the annual flea market adventure for the day, so Louise and I are relaxing and enjoying a slow day with no responsibilities.

After two months away from Ottawa, Louise and I have really relaxed and are very much enjoying ourselves. It is more difficult for our guests to adjust to the slow space and lack of things to do. The need for constant stimulation seems endemic in the North American culture...........

Fresh fish from the dock, cold white wine, beautiful sunsets and moon risings, new friends to meet and today we celebrate our wedding anniversary!

Time to relax and smell the flowers!


02/14/2009 | Nancy Boston
I enjoy reading your blog. Happy Anniversary! I am from Markham, Ont. living in Florida now.


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