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The boat gets fixed!
rather cool
03/12/2009, Marsh Harbour Boat Yard

The failure of the gear shift cable resulted in the boat stuck in reverse as we tried (unsuccessfully) to accelerate out of a rather crowded harbour.

We spent six days "on the hard" while the boat was repaired thanks to the excellent work of Shaun, the fibreglass expert from Eleuthera.

A perfect repair was completed in 13.5 hours, with the boat back in the water within 5 working days, and we immediately sailed south into the remote Cays of the southern Abacos.

It was wonderful to be back on the water.

Living on board while the boat was being repaired was less than perfect, due to the lack of water, bathrooms, friends, and being in a very dirty environment. Boatyards are not the cleanest places in the planet with lots of toxic chemicals all over the ground.

Weird event....

There was another couple living on their 38' catamaran in the boatyard (for six weeks) who we invited for dinner.

After a lovely evening sharing stories of life, children, adventures, etc. I realize that Louise and I had sailed through the Red Sea and across the Med to Cyprus with two of their sons in 2007. Who knows?

03/12/2009 | Judy McIntyre
So glad to hear you're back on the water and safe and sound! Life is here is good, but it is tax season which comes with its own demands.... But we are flying out May 1 to Belize diving so that certainly gives us something to look forward to. When are you home? Cheers, J & J
Back in Internet Land!
Hot and sunny.... 30C
03/12/2009, Hope Town ahamas`

Well, it's been a great three weeks since last I updated this blog, due to our complete absence of internet access.

Much has happened, all of it very positive!

Where to begin?

The attached photo shows the result of our unexpected meeting with a post.... not a great amount of damage, but enough to result in water pouring into the boat, and the need to immediately fix things so that we can continue our adventure.

Shit happens and then you die!
sunny and cool
02/21/2009, marsh harbour boat yard

wow! sailing is lots of fun!

After filling up with water and groceries, we await high tide so we can sail over to Hope Town where we can show Pamela the beautiful beaches and search for glass (and relax away from the music).

It's blowing 20 mph+ so we have several new friends assist on our elegant departure as the wind is blowing us straight back onto the dock.

An elegant reversal with the assist of the bow thruster finds us perfectly placed for departure in a VERY crowded harbour with boats all around us.

i shift from reverse into forward and nothing happens.

I push down to increase speed and find myself accelerating backwards. Cut all power, strong winds, we crash into boats and posts.

Lots of excitement, no one hurt, bills to pay, water pouring into the new openings of the boat, pumps to organize, a 20 mile tow to the closest haul-out dockyard to assess the damage and fix things.

Pamela will not be able to experience the soft wind through her hair o n this trip!

I find out more on Monday when the marina repair crew arrives!

Louise is exhausted and happy to be away from the music. We don't have to worry about anchors, but it's a long climb down the ladder to land, and a long walk over to the washroom.

Never a dull moment!


ps. Transmission cables can fail, and when they do, all hell breaks out! (I'll post a photo later)

02/22/2009 | Keith
OOOOO ... OUCH on all fronts! I am glad that you all are well and that only material damage was done. Probably hurts on the ego side though! ... Keith
02/23/2009 | Michelle
It's curious how in a $2000 bus or in a super sailboat, we all have the same problems!
Keep up the positive mind set!
luv michelle
02/26/2009 | Nancy Boston
wow, I hope you get all your repairs done and get under way soon.
03/04/2009 | Judy and Jim
How are you making out? Any further news? We're anxious to hear from you! Cheers from chilly Ottawa!
03/07/2009 | patsy
So, nu? Bring us up to date on the repairs to the boat and your escape from Marsh Harbour. A couple of days there pretty much covers the sightseeing, although there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world nearby. Don't get so relaxed that we loose the vicarious enjoyment of your tripping around. Patsy

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