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Full Moon!
03/13/2009, Abacos

A wonderful relaxed holiday!

Not certain why I should return?

Every day a wonderful adventure!


An evening at Cracker P full moon party!
03/13/2009, Lubbers Quarters, Abacos

So, we're sailing north though a difficult (shallow) channel between Elbow Cay and Lubbers Quarters at 8am on a sunny morning with light winds from the south.

I'm focused on the chartplotter and depth guage when to our surprise a dinghy pulls up beside us with friends from Hope Town ( Dave and Jill) who suggest we join them for the monthly full moon party at Cracker P grill/bar.

So we swing around and anchor off of Elbow Cay and organize ourselves for the party.

Having been away for close to three weeks we have little food/drink left on board, but lots of garbage to off-load.

Other friends arrived in the afternoon, and a wonderful evening was had in a loud/noisy bar with lots of dancing and booze!

Quite a difference from the quiet evenings spent on anchor in the remote islands down south!

The next morning we sailed north to Hope Town where we are now.

Five loads of laundry, lots of food and drink purchased, re-connecting with friends and neighbours in the harbour, updating blog/email, and enjoying beautiful historic Hope Town.

So it goes!


A new dinghy anchor!
80F and sunny!
03/13/2009, Hope Town Abacos

Having spent a lovely time in Little Harbour and meeting several new friends, we started back north to explore some of the small remote Cays which litter the southern Abacos.

Lots of sea glass and remote, quiet spots.... Louise found a new anchor for our dinghy!

Lots of fun!


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