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Manjack Cay

17 March 2009 | Abacos, Bahamas
Incredible... hot,hot,hot
So we stayed only two days in Hope Town, visiting friends and enjoying the internet and restaurants, etc.

On a high tide, we sailed north to Man-of-War Cay to explore the small town and enjoy being on anchor again. We realize that the wonderful protected harbours are all very well, but they are crowded, rather noisy, and we have decided not to make fresh water while in the harbours as most of the boats and town use them as their primary sewage treatment.

Regardless, the sound of the waves on the hull, and the soft warm breeze with a great star show and no other man-made sounds is simply wonderful.

We spent a couple of days there, and then sailed around the "Whale" and on up to Green Turtle Cay where we anchored off-shore, and dinghied into town to replenish our supplies and verify our arrangements with the marina to haul out our boat and store it for the summer while we return to Canada.

Sadly our winter holiday is coming to an end. It's been a great time with lots of new friends and lots of sea miles/sailing experiences.

With only two or three weeks left, we left Green Turtle Cay this morning and sailed north to Manjack Cay, where we are anchored relaxing in the sunshine, snorkelling, collecting shells and wathcing the giant turtles drift across the seabed.

Louise has a birthday coming up in four days, and we'll miss the green beer this evening on St. Patrick's Day.

Just ourselves in the blue waters of the Abacos!

I hope spring is raising her head in Ottawa and the snow is slowly retreating....

We'll fly to Florida, find our car, and enjoy the ride in the Mini north.

all the best!


ps. This is the only deserted anchorage in the Bahamas I've found with wifi internet!

You never know!

Pss. The plastic garbage will be here for a thousand years..... thanks!
Vessel Name: Graynorth
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 473
Hailing Port: Green Turtle Cay, Abacos, Bahamas
Crew: Louise Simonson
About: My best friend, lover and wife!
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