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raining hard.... a welcome change!
03/18/2009, manJack Cay, Abacos

Well, the north winds have brought rain, and lots of it.

The forecast suggests it should last for 4-5 days, which is wonderful for the locals who are generally out of water in their cisterns.

On most of the out islands, the only source of water is rain collected in large 12,000 gallon cisterns under the buildings. It hasn't rained here in the Abacos since August, so lots of folks have run out of water.

We visited a Marina yesterday (Other Side Marina in Black sound) who had run out of water, gas, and diesel........the marina is for sale!

It is now impossible to find a place to do laundry, as no-one wants to provide the precious fresh water.

Some wealth folks have water delivered (ie: HopeTown Harbour Lodge) at $1.00 per gallon to keep the toilets flushing (although almost all of the toilets use salt water).

If the rain lets up, we'll work on the beach adding to our collection of brain coral.

I found a freighter this morning offering West Palm Beach to Green Turtle Cay passage every week of the year for $150/person. I'm seriously considering the overnight ride for next year when we return.

As I update this blog, Louise is outside scrubbing the deck with the fresh rain water!

With lots of fresh water on board (thanks to the watermaker) and a frig/freezer full of food, we can relax and read and wait for the weather front to pass over the next 4-5 days.

more to follow!

ps. the photo is of the Hope Town Public School (grades 1-6)

Alive and well! at anchor
Starting to blow hard from the north
03/18/2009, Manjack Cay

We watched a lovely sunrise in a deserted cove with the wind blowing from the north east and we're tucked in out of the heavy weather with a lovely set anchor and not a worry in the world.

With the excellent internet access here, , I find I can carry on my Perth activities without much trouble and the satellite phone let's Louise keep in touch with her family.

It's getting more tempting to stay on board year round, although I suspect the hot summers and high humidity might change the decision making...

We'll spend the next couple of days exploring the beaches and relaxing.

Keep well!


Manjack Cay
Incredible... hot,hot,hot
03/17/2009, Abacos, Bahamas

So we stayed only two days in Hope Town, visiting friends and enjoying the internet and restaurants, etc.

On a high tide, we sailed north to Man-of-War Cay to explore the small town and enjoy being on anchor again. We realize that the wonderful protected harbours are all very well, but they are crowded, rather noisy, and we have decided not to make fresh water while in the harbours as most of the boats and town use them as their primary sewage treatment.

Regardless, the sound of the waves on the hull, and the soft warm breeze with a great star show and no other man-made sounds is simply wonderful.

We spent a couple of days there, and then sailed around the "Whale" and on up to Green Turtle Cay where we anchored off-shore, and dinghied into town to replenish our supplies and verify our arrangements with the marina to haul out our boat and store it for the summer while we return to Canada.

Sadly our winter holiday is coming to an end. It's been a great time with lots of new friends and lots of sea miles/sailing experiences.

With only two or three weeks left, we left Green Turtle Cay this morning and sailed north to Manjack Cay, where we are anchored relaxing in the sunshine, snorkelling, collecting shells and wathcing the giant turtles drift across the seabed.

Louise has a birthday coming up in four days, and we'll miss the green beer this evening on St. Patrick's Day.

Just ourselves in the blue waters of the Abacos!

I hope spring is raising her head in Ottawa and the snow is slowly retreating....

We'll fly to Florida, find our car, and enjoy the ride in the Mini north.

all the best!


ps. This is the only deserted anchorage in the Bahamas I've found with wifi internet!

You never know!

Pss. The plastic garbage will be here for a thousand years..... thanks!

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