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Weather is all around us
Another Northern front arrives
03/21/2009, ManJack cay

Floating on our little island (boat) we are surrounded by nature's magnificence, beauty and power.

Everyday involves a careful consideration of weather, anchor location, physical safety, and contingency plans in the event that the weather changes suddenly.

In the city one has the ability to essentially ignore the weather, while here on the boat, we track it carefully and use our electronic instruments to tell us if it's changing, or we're moving.

With the overcast days the solar panels are falling behind, so we're hoping for a couple of sunny days to fully recharge the batteries, otherwise I'll have to breakdown and start the generator. It's nice to have redundant systems.


Birthday Girl
Cool and windy
03/21/2009, ManJack Cay

Wow, today is Louise's Birthday!

Still beautiful and only 57 years young.

We're delightfully at anchor in a lovely cove, and spending our time relaxing, walking the beaches, and exploring the island. It is quite unlike any of the other islands we have visited with a tropical jungle in the centre and mangrove swamps interspersed with white beaches covered with shells.

My objective for today is to catch a lobster for dinner with the spear and sling that Bill and Ginny left with us. It should be interesting!

Louise has invited some of our neighbours for lunch which will feature her now famous rum cake.

Another day in paradise!


03/24/2009 | Ad and Elisabeth Hoefnagels
Hello Glen and Louise,
Hanny send us the link to the sailblog.
I saw that it was Louises birthday last saturday, congratulations from us.
You seem to have fun on the boat.
We are actually in Tokyo, Japan.
We have spend 6 months in Japan since February last year.
We are one month in Japan and in the Netherlands alternating.
Best regards for you both, Ad and Elisabeth Hoefnagels
bronze Castings (and Brass)
03/18/2009, Made in Little Harbour

I attach a photo of two of the cast belt buckles from Little Harbour's Bronze Foundry.

The rear piece is cast in brass, and is one of their "bread and butter" pieces which helps pay for the operations of the foundry.

The foreground piece (the Dolphin) is cast in Bronze and was a gift from Richard, the wonderful man who has operating the foundry for the past 13 years. The bronze piece is quite unusual and no longer available normally.

The foundry accepts "apprenticies" every year to work and learn the lost wax casing methodology, and undertakes specific artistic commissions on a world wide basis.

The setting is ideal with the blue water and palm trees....

You can get in touch with the Foundry at:

Between Louise's sore back (she could not walk for 4 days), my cracked tooth (fortunately no pain, but a root canal will be needed upon return), and today my sister is in the hospital with a perforated colon,
it is a good thing we're doing this sailing thing while we're still ambulatory.

never a dull moment!


03/20/2009 | Keith
I checked out the foundry plus a few tutorials on lost-wax casting .... I can see the attraction. I also can relate to your dental situation having also been forced to pay out $4,000+!

It is David Black's birthday today (Friday lunch celebration) so we shall raise a glass to your families on-going good health as well as to his b'day!

best wishes .......... Keith
03/20/2009 | Michelle
Nice buckles, does he have lots of designs, what about plants like a water lily or something, that would be really nice...

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